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    Oscar Piglione


    I loaded all the superpackage plugins on a wp 4.1.1 multisite install.
    Everything works ok for generatepress but the plugin page require about 2/3 minutes to load
    Is it Ok?

    Many thanks and regards

    Lead Developer
    Lead Developer

    Wow, 2-3 minutes is pretty absurd – I’m definitely not getting that on my end. Is this occurring on the live site or in the admin?

    While having all 11 plugins installed and activated will slow down the “Plugins” page a bit (when visiting the plugins page, all plugins check for updates) – it certainly shouldn’t slow down any other area.

    Could you possibly send me temporary admin access to so I can investigate a little further?


    Lead Developer
    Lead Developer

    Ok, so I’ve been running some tests on your server.

    When you go to the “Plugins” area of the Dashboard, each plugin sends a message back home to see if there’s a new update – each check should take around .5 of a second. This goes for every single plugin you have – not just GP add-ons.

    Naturally, if you’re going to want all 11 add-ons installed and activated, it’s best to upgrade to GP Premium, as it will only send 1 message home as opposed to 11.

    However, even with all 11 add-ons installed and activated, it should still only take anywhere from 6-10 seconds to load.

    Your installation is taking 40 seconds to load the Plugins page.

    I believe this is happening because you’re using multi-site, and it’s not only sending a message home for each add-on, but it’s doing it for each site you have within the installation.

    I’ve started a thread with the developer of the licensing/updating plugin, so I’ll hopefully be getting his advice on this ASAP.

    I’ll update you here with what he tells me ๐Ÿ™‚


    Oscar Piglione

    Thanks Tom,
    I look forward to hear from you
    let me know if you need again to access the site

    Lead Developer
    Lead Developer

    Okay, been talking to the other developer.


    1. I’ve updated the updater class to the latest version, so there will only be update calls made on the Plugins page – not any other pages. Hopefully this helps things a little.

    2. When all 11 add-ons are activated (and email is verified), WP has to make 11 separate calls to my server to check for updates, this is just how WordPress is built.

    This is the same for all plugins, so people who have a lot of plugins activated will experience this wait time as well (not just GP add-ons).

    However, with all 11 add-ons activated, it should only take about 13 seconds to load (using the Query Monitor WordPress plugin). On your site, it’s taking about 40 seconds, which could be a server thing, but it could also be due to your site using Multi Site and having a lot of sub-sites. I’m waiting to hear back from the developer on whether that would make a difference or not (maybe calling to my server for each plugin, on each install).

    Ok, so solutions..

    1. If you (or anyone) plan on using all 11 add-ons at the same time (all activated on one site), it’s probably best to make the jump to GP Premium. Some people may purchase the individual add-ons and use a couple here and there, which is fine.

    2. If you stick with having all 11 activated on one install, the load time will only happen on the “Plugins” page, no where else. If for some reason you’ll be entering the Plugins area a lot, you can always go to “Appearance > GeneratePress” and deactivate your email. This will stop the calls to my server, and you can enter the Plugins area in less time. Then when you’re done, re-activated your email.

    So, I’m still talking with the developer, but there are a couple solutions here we can work with for the time being ๐Ÿ™‚

    Hope this helps!

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