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    I hope it is ok to start this topic. I would be interested to hear any users of the above Builders view of which they prefer.

    I own the premium version of BB and just now trying out Elementor. They both seem to work well with GP which I am looking to replace my older frameworks such as Headway and Genesis Dynamik, so deciding which of the page builders to go with will be a big decision.

    UI is brilliant and really fast to show changes, very impressed with that. Lots of modules and nice features, not as many as BB but it is new and seems to be developing quickly.

    This is free of course but that is not an issue and would pay for a premium version if they release one later.

    Beaver Builder:
    Used this for a while and do like it but refresh of changes very slow compared to Elementor and the UI not even close.

    I like that there are many addons which enhance the modules such as the Ultimate pack.

    Support is excellent from the team and clearly will be developed well into the future.

    I don’t know! Hoping folks who have used both may spot this topic and chime in. Meanwhile will keep playing and see what else occurs to me.

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    Hi Neil,

    I’m probably not the best person to talk about this, as I’ve never used a page builder to build a website before.

    However, I like what Elementor is doing. Starting off light and free with a pretty awesome product (I’ve played around with it for an hour or so).

    I also like the people behind it, they seem super committed, and I think big things are coming from them.


    Thanks Tom, yes they do seem very committed and the design is smooth. BB also a great team and developing smoothly, a difficult choice which I guess only time and preference will determine.

    Why I like page builders is as a designer for clients it comes down to two things, easy for me to create the site style and layout and then the content. I can create anything with DWB or Headway and hand over to a client. Then how easy it is for a client to make and edits or changes to their own site.

    They rarely touch the design but whenever they have with the more complex frameworks it can end badly! The wordpress editor is so woeful that all my nice designs ended up with widgets to edit here and there to place content on home pages generally.

    So sometimes a little complicated to explain to them. That is why the combination of GP with a page builder works well, design mods easy to explain, page builder easy also, everything in one place and they can see changes live before committing, excellent!


    Neil and Tom,

    Elementor’s latest is now available!


    I have been reviewing the beta the last few days and it is very, very slick πŸ™‚ ,,, and still free!


    Tutorials and tips for GeneratePress, WP Show Posts, WordPress and Elementor

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    I played with it the other day as well, very cool πŸ™‚


    Elementor is also suggesting GP as a recommended theme:


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    Awesome! I think the two make a pretty powerful combination πŸ™‚


    They do work well together alright.

    The new templates look good and bring it closer to BB who already have that.

    As discussed in another post I would like to see the same abilty as in BB to easily hook into GP’s hook areas, that is great on BB and potentially very useful. I posted to that effect on the support forum but no word back on that yet.

    Elementor could do with a better image slider that can allow text on top, I saw a question about this and that may come at some point but they suggest using a slider plugin in the meantime. I have found BB content slider excellent and good for simple slides with text, easy to change for a client without having to go to a plugin to edit and then back.

    I see people often suggest using plugins like revolution slider etc. They should also point out that all those envato plugins are supposed to be a new licence for every single site, why I never use any of those now.

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    Lead Developer

    Those licenses are definitely pretty restrictive.

    There’s a lot of sliders out there though, Meta Slider and Smart Slider come to mind πŸ™‚


    Following this discussion with interest – a dedicated BB user πŸ™‚

    In regard to sliders, check this one out – does nice text over images – you just have to style the text yourself…


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    Awesome, that looks like a great plugin. Thanks for the heads up πŸ™‚


    That does look good David thanks for that.

    A good point about using the BB content slider is that the client would not need to leave the page to build the slideshow in a plugin and then come back to place. Not a big issue and if needing a complex slideshow I would do that.

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