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    I’ve updated my WP website from 2.x to 3.0.2/1.12.2. The release blog post https://generatepress.com/generatepress-3-0-a-new-era/ says that there’s a “Fresh New Look” but obviously my website stayed on the old one for compatibility reasons. However: Say I wish to update to that new look. How do I do that?

    Second, about “Flexbox Grid”, I understand from the guide that my website stayed on the “floats” version because of compatibility reasons. The same blog post says “You can change your existing sites to use the flexbox version, but we suggest doing so on a staging site so any issues can be addressed before taking the change live.”. How do I do that?

    I am not a web developer, just a user of this template for a simple website.

    It would be really great if there was a “migration guide”. Sorry if there is one but I haven’t found one.
    I am probably not the only one that runs an existing GP 2.x website but wants to upgrade/update/migrate all possible functionality to the new stuff (without having to start from scratch with a new 3.x website).

    Thanks a lot!

    Customer Support

    Hi there,

    Any chance you can link us to the site in question?

    You can use the private information field.

    There is also a guide here if you want to take a look:

    Let me know ๐Ÿ™‚


    Hi Leo,

    Thanks a lot. I’ll reply privately within this message.
    Btw: If you leave this main text box in the forum empty, only write text into the “Private information” box, and then hit “Submit”, the forum says:
    >>ERROR: Your reply cannot be empty.
    and it completely wipes out all the text from the “Private information” box! Not nice! Luckily I had my long written text in the clipboard… It would be good if you fixed that. Also it would be equally good to be able to reply privately without having to put a public reply.

    Thank you & best wishes

    Customer Support

    I checked your site and the layout is super simple so you should be fine by going to Customizer > General and switch from float to flex.

    The only issue might be the twitter link menu item but we can fix that with this hook:

    I fixed the typo – thank you!


    Thank you Leo, that’s great – yep it’s a simple site and I haven’t changed much. Thank you for mentioning the Twitter link menu item, I’ll have a look at the hook.

    Could you also advise on my other two questions please – how to update to the “Fresh New Look” and how to update to the SVG icons, as described in my private reply.

    Thanks a lot.


    Btw, I just replied to this thread, pressed Submit, and the forum showed me an error along the lines of
    “Error: Are you sure you wanted to do that?”. Apart from the fact that the error is not very helpful, it wiped out my hole text in the “Reply To” box… and I had to type it again… That’s really a big no-go in webdesign. It seems like your forum suffers from this problem not only in the “Private information” text box but on several occasions.

    Customer Support

    The fresh new look would only be for new installs – for existing installs, nothing should change in your site and that’s goal ๐Ÿ˜‰

    The SVG icons option is also under the General tab:



    > The fresh new look would only be for new installs โ€“ for existing installs, nothing should change in your site and thatโ€™s goal ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Yes I understand and that’s the sane choice of course. But my question is *how do I upgrade to the new look*?

    Customer Support

    If you reset the customizer setting under Appearance > GeneratePress then you will get the new 3.0 look.

    Not sure if you will want to do that to an existing site though.


    Hi Leo,

    I’m guessing you mean this?
    Sorry for the dodgy link but this forum doesn’t seem to support uploading/pasting images.

    1) Could you tell me a bit more about what each of those settings do, please?
    2) Do I have to have *all* of those ticked to get the new 3.0 look?

    I searched the documentation for “reset” but there were no hits.

    Thank you.

    Customer Support

    Yes that’s what I was referring to.

    Those will reset the customizer options – I would not recommend doing that on a live site with traffic.

    If you want to see what the new appearance looks like, I would recommend starting a staging site and create a new install there.


    Sorry to ask again but I still don’t really have an answer to my question. Let me try and ask more concrete questions:

    1) Do I have to have *all* of those ticked to get the new 3.0 look?
    2) How do does “Reset Settings” checkboxes map to the customizer entries? For example the reset checkboxes are called “Core”, “Backgrounds”, …, while the customizer entries are called “Site identity”, “Layout”, … .
    3) Would “Reset Settings” also reset things like the “Site Title” or “Homepage Settings”?
    4) Is there a way to set the appearance/layout/design to the new 3.0 look but not changing any “content” settings like the one mentioned in 3)?

    Thank you!

    Customer Support

    1) Yes.

    2) Those are referring to the modules.

    3) No – site identity and home page settings are WP settings.

    4) I’m really not sure what you are expecting here but I’ve created a new install for you to take a look at the default 3.0 layout:

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