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    Hi there,

    after having tested several Mega Menu Plugins and played around with the mega menu css in GP´s Documentation and a lot of ideas from the support forum, I am still not happy with my results of creating a mega menu like this: https://www.boeing.com/

    Basically it is a very easy grid format: 4 columns, each column divided to image+link column.
    In my case the child items come first as a second level and I´s like to add a few blog post items (selected manually) as grandchild elements

    Give me a hint on an approach.

    I thought different ways with GP´s Mega Menu-instruction
    1) Add the image before the child item and before the grandchild item -sounds simple, I just miss ho to do that 🙂
    2) The Mega Menu affects only ONE submenu, so what about creating a hook element where I have 100% control of the design, and hook it under the menu if that is hovered/clicked – what about this idea? Doable in any ways?

    Let´s see what you think.


    Customer Support

    Hi there,

    menus and mega menus are really complicated.

    The most i can offer is for #1.
    See my GIST here:


    That function will check if the menu item:

    a. Has a CSS class of image
    b. If the menu item post has a Featured Image.

    If both are correct then it will display the post featured image before the menu title.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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