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    Hi there,

    after having tested several Mega Menu Plugins and played around with the mega menu css in GP´s Documentation and a lot of ideas from the support forum, I am still not happy with my results of creating a mega menu like this: https://www.boeing.com/

    Basically it is a very easy grid format: 4 columns, each column divided to image+link column.
    In my case the child items come first as a second level and I´s like to add a few blog post items (selected manually) as grandchild elements

    Give me a hint on an approach.

    I thought different ways with GP´s Mega Menu-instruction
    1) Add the image before the child item and before the grandchild item -sounds simple, I just miss ho to do that 🙂
    2) The Mega Menu affects only ONE submenu, so what about creating a hook element where I have 100% control of the design, and hook it under the menu if that is hovered/clicked – what about this idea? Doable in any ways?

    Let´s see what you think.


    Customer Support

    Hi there,

    menus and mega menus are really complicated.

    The most i can offer is for #1.
    See my GIST here:


    That function will check if the menu item:

    a. Has a CSS class of image
    b. If the menu item post has a Featured Image.

    If both are correct then it will display the post featured image before the menu title.


    Sorry for the delayed reply, it works very nicely for “simple” mega menus.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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