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    I had couple of issues with images-featured images as you could see from my other posts, but I found a solution without having to use any css at all.
    So I am posting this here as it may also help somebody else.

    My Issues:
    – the text around featured images in single posts didn’t wrap around the image
    – I wasn’t able to get a thumbnail on the index page and the regular = big image size on the single post
    And the biggest:
    – As soon as I switched to the excerpts the thumbnails/featured images either didn’t show up at all, or I had 2 images in the single posts

    My Solution:
    – First do the GP Customizer > Blog setting > Featured Images > Featured Images Options:
    > Featured Image: Show
    > Location: Below Title
    > Alignment: Left

    Then in your Single Post:
    – Insert your ‘regular’ images as you would normally in your single post/writing
    – then go to Disable Elements Option and mark the Featured Image / Page Header
    – go down to the Featured Image and Set your featured image
    – pick the image from your Media Library (or upload) and Set Featured Image and
    – Post your post

    This will allow you to have a small thumbnail on your index(home) page and the regular picture/s in your single posts. With the Layout of your single post as you’ve done it, i.e. wrapped text, or picture down, or more pictures.
    You can see it on my site:

    Now for me, I have to do some additional steps: (dunno why)
    I have to set the featured image first, then go back to the image and Manually Scale/edit the thumbnail image to the small size and update/set featured image again. (unless of course I haven’t done this in my graphic program and just uploaded the thumbnail)

    I don’t know how to “automate” this solution so this would happen automatically on all my posts – if anybody knows please let me know.
    Otherwise I have to go through all my posts, and do this manually, including scaling the images either in WP editor or in my own graphic program

    But, the main thing is that it Works…! yippee

    GP Premium 1.2.96
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    Lead Developer

    Thanks for posting your process!

    You can hide the single featured image on all single posts with some CSS:

    .page-header-image-single {
        display: none;

    Simply copy and paste – easy!

    As for resizing, you should be able to use the image sizing options in Customize > Blog > Featured Images. Those sizes will apply to all of your blog page featured images. No need to resize each image individually or use an image editor.


    Thank you for the code, Tom.

    As for the Featured Image Customizer option – I tried that, didn’t like it. Some of my images are horizontal, some of them are squared, etc. so it looked like a hell, so I nulled it back.

    I guess I just wasn’t used to it because on my Nirvana/Parabola sites the theme does everything automatically. = Hence the reason they are so heavy on code – almost double of GP, so the speed of the sites is not exactly impressive.
    Why didn’t they leave the Style sheet extra as it used to be..?

    Lead Developer
    Lead Developer

    There’s definitely a fine line between too little and too much when it comes to options. I try my best to walk that line 🙂


    Need some help as I have a similar problem
    I am using 2 post type…
    The standard Posts via wordpress for the Blog
    And a custom post type created with PODS to display a second “Blog” page

    In the Customizer I set everything to display nicely for the Default Blog, and are happy with the way it looks.
    For the Pods Post type I created a Single Post template…. and use WP Show Posts for the Blog Page

    I am using the featured image for this new custom post, to show the latest post on the Home page and it displays corectly… using Elementor Add-on EAE Postlist (working fine)

    My problem is that when viewing the sigle page, it show The featured image and title, as well as the data defined in the sigle post template…

    I tried to disable the title and featured image from Disable Elements sections, but it still shows up…

    How can I hide them as they are already added and showing in the template file


    Customer Support

    Can you provide a link to your site?


    Got it fixed…
    Browser Cache issues…
    disabled the title and featured image from Disable Elements sections… and saved corretly
    Just for incase: Site is still under development


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