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    How should I configure my image optimization plugin so that the size of the optimized image is what the generatepress theme requires and not generate unnecessary sizes that will not be used.

    Since as we well know that the WordPress core generates a series of predetermined sizes and the rest of additional sizes are generated by the theme or plugins that need them according to their particularities

    The plugin I use is Compress JPG & PNG Images (TinyPNG), this allows to configure the optimization only of what is required, as can be seen in the following parameters that it allows to configure:

    Wordpress generates resized versions of every image. Choose which sizes to compress.

    Original image (overwritten by compressed image)

    Thumbnail – 150×150

    Medium – 300×300

    Medium large – 768x?

    Large – 1024×1024

    1536×1536 – 1536×1536

    2048×2048 – 2048×2048

    Woocommerce thumbnail – 300×300

    Woocommerce single – 600x?

    Woocommerce gallery thumbnail – 100×100

    Shop catalog – 300×300

    Shop single – 600x?

    Shop thumbnail – 100×100

    waiting for help, greetings.

    Customer Support

    Hi there,

    All of the registered images you’ve listed are used.

    Woocommerce thumbnail, Woocommerce single, Woocommerce gallery thumbnail, Shop catalog, Shop single & Shop thumbnail are all used by WooCommerce.

    Thumbnail, Medium, Medium large, Large , 1536×1536 and 2048×2048 are used by the theme as image srcset for different viewports (mobile, tablet and desktop).

    Check this article to know more about WordPress srcsets:

    Since they’re all used, consider compressing all of them.

    A wise man once said:
    "Have you cleared your cache?"


    Thank you for your response and the article has been very useful to me.

    Is it advisable to manually delete the original size of the image uploaded to media, and only leave the optimized ones or is the original image also used? this to avoid a large volume of server space.

    Customer Support

    Hi there,

    The Original Image will be labeled the ‘Full’ image – which may be used in some instances. For example Woocommerce will use the Full image size for the Zoom/Lightbox function on the Single Product.
    But it is best to only upload images that meet the maximum size you require it to be displayed. This will avoid having larger then needed images filling up your database. And WP will only generate src-set images that are smaller than that size.

    So for example if your Original Uploaded image size was only 1024px ( the same as the default Large Image ) – WP will only generate the medium-large, medium and thumbnail.



    Customer Support

    Glad we could be of help

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