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[Support request] How to resolved Webmaster issues ?

Home Forums Support [Support request] How to resolved Webmaster issues ?

Home Forums Support How to resolved Webmaster issues ?

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    Hi, today i got email from webmaster google about issues with the display/layout of GP Themes.
    i’ve insert link email from google.

    Customer Support

    Hi there,

    Are you able to Google translate that for us?

    We can’t copy and paste the text as it’s an image.

    Let me know 🙂


    Search Console telah mengidentifikasi bahwa situs Anda terpengaruh oleh 3 Kebergunaan Seluler masalah:

    Masalah Teratas

    Masalah berikut ditemukan di situs Anda:

    Teks terlalu kecil untuk dibaca

    Elemen yang dapat diklik terlalu berdekatan satu sama lain

    Konten lebih lebar dari layar

    Sebaiknya perbaiki masalah tersebut jika memungkinkan agar situs Anda dapat memberikan cakupan dan pengalaman terbaik di Google Penelusuran.

    Sorry, this is in text mode

    Customer Support


    Search Console has identified that your site is affected by 3 Mobile Usability issues:
    Top Issues
    The following problems were found on your site:

    Text is too small to read
    Clickable elements are too close to each other
    Content wider than screen

    We recommend fixing the problem if possible so that your site can provide the best coverage and experience on Google Search.

    Just ran the mobile test and it passed without error:

    Sometimes if google has difficulty reaching your site or resources are low it fails to load some files which causes these warnings.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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