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    I noticed something on my GP sites, whenever I use the Cover Gutenberg block, the page has a horizontal scroll. Please advise if this can be fixed, it is really annoying and looks unprofessional.

    Note, I tested this on a basic/clean site as well. I have left a URL in the ‘Your Website’ for your perusal.



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    David Customer Support

    Hi there,

    the Full Width options in the Core Blocks are terrible – so much so WP look to be rethinking the whole thing.

    Instead i would set the page to Full Width page using the Page Builder Container meta box:


    Then you can use the Cover Blocks and Group Blocks to design your page and they will automatically span the full width. Please make sure to remove the Full Width option on the block.

    You may also be interested in testing GenerateBlocks:


    Its still in Beta but will make your page building a lot easier in the near future



    Thanks very much for the response.

    However, my config is set exactly like you explained.



    I am very performance orientated, so always weary about installing yet another plugin. Is your GP blocks any different performance wise to what already exists?


    David Customer Support

    The issue on your front page is the Group Block is set to Full Width – uncheck that in the Blocks toolbar and the issue will go away.

    GenerateBlocks is built with the same ethos as GP – which is always performance focused 🙂



    Thanks, that works 🙂



    Awesome, that is good to know.


    David Customer Support
Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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