[Resolved] GP Premium Element PageHero working for FrontPage, but NOT showing on 2nd page.

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    * I need a separate unique Hero Page Element for each WordPress Page

    * I want each Page Hero Element, to have a unique Background Image

    Then you need to create a header element for each page and only assign to that one page under the display rules.

    Which page is the “2ne page” you are referring to? Talk?


    The 2nd Page is linked to the Main-Menu PlayItem (in Red). When you tap the 1stPage Menu-PlayItem, you go to the 2ndPage, which I call the PlayPage. I want a unique 2ndPageHero, with a unique BackgroundImage for this 2ndPage… if this is the Simplest way to do this within GeneratePress.

    Can I send you an email with my Website Admin Login Credentials… so that you can go in my Dashboard & see what I am doing/talking about ????

    Im almost sure that I am doing things correctly, but something is NOT working within GeneratePress.

    Thank you Leo.


    Customer Support

    The code of that page is suggesting that there is no background image uploaded for the page hero on the Play page.

    Can you confirm?


    Yes Leo, I am aware of this–I see it also, using Chrome “View Page Source”. I also check with “Inspect” and I cant see a solution. I want to try & work within the GeneratePress Premium framework.

    In my GeneratedPress Elements, the PageHero Element shows the Background Image selected, in icon form, right above the “Paralax” Checkbox…

    I’m using the SAME values that I used for the HomePageHero element, that IS WORKING.

    I can send you my WordPress Dashboard Admin credentials, so you can see for yourself.

    I think there is some Disconnect in GeneratePress… the BackgroundImage should be showing… AND the 2ndPageHero Title should NOT be showing… What am I doing wrong ???


    Customer Support

    You can send the dashboard access using Account Issue here:

    Please include the following information:
    – The URL of this topic.
    – Login URL.
    – Username and password.

    Customer Support

    The issue is that there is a conflict in display rules which is described in details here:

    See the screenshot here:

    You have a Site Hero header element assigned to the Entire Site with the exclusions of Front Page and Post only so that header element is also being applied to the Play Main page.

    In order for the Play Hero header element to display on Play Main page, you would also need to add the Play Main page in the exclusion rules of Site Hero header element.

    Let me know if this makes sense πŸ™‚


    Thanks Leo,

    Your solution worked.

    I have learned that it is IMPORTANT not to have Extra/unused GP elements… they DO MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

    Also, on another Laptop, I created another ServerPress-DesktopServer environment. I installed a Vanilla version of WordPress, GP & GP-Premium. I installed the SiteLibrary-Mellow.

    Using this Mellow theme, I was able to see how the PageHero’s/Images were done–as FeaturedImages…

    So… I am using what you said for my current site & I am using how Mellow was setup… to guide me forward.

    THank you Leo, again.


    Customer Support

    I would also recommend spending some time to go through this doc:

    Glad I could help πŸ™‚

Viewing 8 posts - 16 through 23 (of 23 total)
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