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[Support request] Generatepress overriding Elementor and Anywhere Elementor Pro

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    Good evening,

    As of late, I’ve been experiencing consistent issues with creating a single post template for my site using GeneratePress as the base theme, Elementor Pro as the page builder, and Anywhere Elementor Pro as the post template creator.

    When creating the single post template in Anywhere Elementor Pro, one has the ability to disable GeneratePress’s elements – particularly the top bar, primary nav [had to resort to custom css to do this], featured image/page header, and content title in my case.

    One also has the option to select a content-only layout, as well as set the width of the container on the page – using the theme-native settings in Anywhere Elementor Pro’s page editor. When I preview the page, all of my choices work as intended. However, the main issue arises when I try to view a single post, or any pages, outside of the editor.

    All of my settings break, the theme does not conform to Elementor’s fonts, everything reappears, and it’s as if the disable elements feature is not working. It’s become rather frustrating as I’ve been searching for a long-term solution for my website’s design for a long time, and ultimately decided to use GeneratePress as it appears to be as robust and user-friendly as it is popular (very).

    Also, I cannot appear to find a way to override the white background on the main content wrapper as it interferes with my intended background.


    My design must:
    Disable all native theme elements, all the time,
    Not override Elementor or its colors and font library, and
    Allow me to change the main container background.

    I cannot seem to find a workaround. I’ve uninstalled the theme, disabled and uninstalled all of my plugins, and resorted to Twenty Seventeen, then back to GeneratePress, reinstalled and reactivated all of my plugins, and enabled them all one-by-one to find the culprit.

    GeneratePress 1.3.48
    GP Premium 1.3.1
    Customer Support

    Hi there,

    Lots of GP users are using the GP + Elementor combo right now so the two should definitely work together.

    Take a look at Lyle suggestion here:

    Looks like you want the opposite but it should help.

    A link to your site will definitely help us resolve the problem as well 🙂


    Thank you Leo, but unfortunately this doesn’t help me resolve the issue. At the moment, I’ve found that I need to actually use the Customizer to get the desired effects, but this ultimately leads to undesired side effects, such as needing to scale the container width to 2000, and causing the blog post comments box to scale with the container. The settings in the backend page editor are not working as they should when I select the page attributes for my single post template.

    My site is currently under construction at the moment as well, and has a construction mode landing page enabled.

    Customer Support

    Instead of increasing the container width, I think this is what you are looking for:



    Thank you very much Leo. I now understand the use of the page builder setting.

    As for preventing changes to the fonts I choose in Elementor, I suppose I’ll need to make those adjustments in Elementor.

    As far as changing the color (or opacity) of the main container, how can I do this with custom css?

    Customer Support

    If you are referring to GP container then you might be able to do so using the color’s panel in the customizer:

    They should all have opacity where applicable.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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