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    Hi guys,

    I have tried tons of things but I am not able to save a header of my website after editing GP with Elementor.

    I directly created my header and my website with Elementor using the Elementor Canvas feature and my issue is that now when I want to save only my header as a “new section” to reuse it in other pages, I do not know why but instead of saving only my header it saves the whole “basic template” of Generate Press that comes by default.

    I attached 3 images of my issue so maybe someone may be able to help me:

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    Many thanks in advance.



    Customer Support

    Hi there,

    your template is fine – unfortunately Elementor templates are opened in the Default Theme template, this is why you can see the GP headeer etc.

    To stop this from happening:

    1. Appearance > GeneratePress – Activate Elements Module
    2. Appearance > Elements – Create a New > Layout Element.
    3. Go through each of the settings and remove the elements you dont want to be displayed
    4. On the Container Tab set this to Full Width.
    5. On Display Rules add Templates from the drop down.

    Once saved all your Elementor templates will open in a blank canvas.


    Hi David,

    Thanks for your help.

    Step1: Done
    Step 2: Done
    Steps 3-4-5: See screenshot. It does not work yet, and I have no idea why. It should be such an easy thing to do but I do not know why it is not working.

    View post on imgur.com

    Thanks again for your help and time.


    Customer Support

    Hi there,

    thats the Header Element you need to create a Layout Element:


    Make sure you also have the Disable Elements module activated in Appearance > GeneratePress


    * I edit this because I had another issue but I fixed it just setting up a new WordPress installation *


    Hello again David,

    I just started my website from scratch and I fixed all issues I had. Now I just start from 0 and I will try to build my website once I am able to make GP and Elementor work.

    I basically want to build my website from scratch only using the Elementor Pro features, that means that I want it to be made in “modules” so I can create a header and footer template and just drag and drop in at any page.

    I just created my “Elements layout” and when I use the “Section” feature of Elementor it works.

    Otherwise, when I create a new Elementor template like “Header” or “Footer” I just do not get a blank page to work like I’d like, instead I get a section called “Content Area” which I’d like to remove as I only want to work with independent sections so I can use them easily on each page by just importing them. I hope I explain myself.

    I attach you a few screenshot in case you can help me because I do not know if its a template issue or Elementor the fact that sometimes I get that “Content Area” thing.

    View post on imgur.com

    I’d just like to be able to set up and make GP and Elementor work before starting working.

    And by the way, I will basically use the GP template for its typography and other features.
    Is that a feasible way to build the webiste or how people do with GP+Elementor?

    Am I missing the opportunity to take advantage of features the template may offer? It seems hard for me to combine both template and Elementor editing so that’s why I am planning to do it this way.

    I wrote a lot of things so just take your time. I do really appreaciate your time and help.


    Customer Support

    OK, so couple of choices.
    1. Build everything using the Elementor Canvas / Full Width templates.
    2. Use the solution above so your templates open on a clean canvas. The ‘Content’ is added as a placeholder by Elementor.
    3. Diasable Default fonts in Elementor settings so GP Customizer will control 90% of that.
    4. Downside of this is you can’t use GP Hooks or Header elements on any of those pages. Also the GP navigaation including sticky and slideout is lost.

    1. Use the above the solution for creating your full width templates and apply that to all pages.
    2. Use the Hooks Element to add the Header and Footer Elementor templates using the shortcodes.

    Personally i always use the GP Header and footer. I find the Elementor navigation widget very underwhelming…..

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