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    When setting up display rules for a Hook Element, it does not store/save specified pages properly.

    When editing the Hook display rules after saving them, several fields will be visually empty and some will be filled with All pages instead:

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    Some fields are still saved properly (visually).

    I tried this last year and it happened as well. Created a second hook today and it still happens.

    I only had one version of the hook before and it was less of an issue. Now I have two. Some pages will have version A, some version B. I specify the exact pages to be shown on for each version of the hook and barring any errors on my part, there should be no overlap.

    When the display rules bug happens to version A for example, it will start showing on pages it’s not supposed to and overrule the other hook on those pages. Although neither hook saves all location rule selections properly, at least visually speaking. It does make it hard to edit the display rules in the future, because you don’t know which page is linked to one of the empty fields.

    I have now changed version B’s priority to be higher than version A’s so that if they are both shown, the correct one is on top. It’s a general link to store (A) vs specific product page link (B) difference.

    Am I doing something wrong to cause this unwanted behaviour?

    I added my site url for admins to see. The first three navigation bar menu items’s pages are showing the double hook (sticky CTA button at bottom of screen in a div called sticky-footer). Other menu items after that are showing a single hook (you’ll also see the black transparent background at the bottom is lighter on those pages).

    Please note caching is NOT turned off at the moment. I’ll turn it off if I really have to, but the core of the problem sounds like a backend issue instead of a frontend one.

    Customer Support

    Hi there,

    how many Locations are you listing in the display rules?
    Would it be easier if you registered a custom taxonomy for Pages, then you could simply choose the Hook using a taxonomy term ?


    About 30+ locations I suppose but I figured those specific location rules have their limitations somehow.

    I’ll look into the custom taxonomy approach. Maybe that will work better. Thank you for the suggestion!

    Customer Support
Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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