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    As requested by David, I’m opening a new topic to pinpoint the issue described here:

    I have now created a test environment that you can access, and I have confirmed that the issue occurs in this environment. See private information submitted with this topic for details on where to access this environment.

    It’s basically an almost empty WordPress environment:
    1. All plugins are disabled.
    2. GP theme installed.
    3. Back to Top button enabled.
    4. Only a homepage with some content, containing some links to test the issue.

    Steps to reproduce the issue:
    1. Open the homepage in Chrome on an IOS device. (I tested with an iPad Mini and an iPhone 13 Pro, running the latest version of IOS)
    2. Scroll down so that the Back to Top button appears, and then scroll down a bit further.
    3. Here you find links back to the homepage as well as external links.
    4. The issue occurs frequently, both on the internal and the external links. It won’t occur every time you attempt but in my case I’d say about 50%-75% roughly, so it’s very easy to reproduce.

    1. The issue also occurs for the Back to Top button itself, it often requires 2 taps before scrolling up when following the steps above and then tapping the Back to Top button instead of a link.
    2. It seems that the issue occurs only once for each page load. If you have encountered the issue using the Back to Top button or an external link (opening in a new tab), so that you stay on the same page, then the issue won’t occur again until you refresh the page.

    Hopefully you can now also produce the issue and say something about what we can do about it?

    Customer Support

    Hi there,

    thanks for setting this up.
    On refresh sometimes the back to top requires a double tap probably 7 out of 10 times. Hmmm.
    But the links in the content, internal or external, they work everytime for me on my iPhone.

    Chrome on iOS is a pain in the *** to debug as its a webViews app.

    I am going to ask Tom to take a look too, so we can knock our heads together and see what we can come up with.

    Are you ok leaving that staging site up for a while ?


    Thanks for checking!

    Yes absolutely, I’ll leave it up as it currently is. Just let me know if we need to change/test something.

    Just tested again myself, and I continue to have the issue also for the links, so in my case it’s definitely not just the back to top button itself that needs a double tap.

    Customer Support

    Much appreciated.
    I opened an issue here so we can track it as a potential bug:

    We’ll keep you posted.


    Hi David,
    Just want to check if you still need the staging site to debug this issue further or did you have a chance to take the info you need from the staging site now?
    Asking as I need to replace it in the near future, and at that point it would also be good if you can remove the reference to the staging site url/details from this support ticket (even if it’s not resolved yet at that point).

    For now, I’ll leave the staging site as it is but thought I’d give you a heads-up instead of just replacing it at some point.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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