GP Premium 2.1.0

This is one of our smaller GP Premium “feature” releases. It is mostly made up of small bug fixes, but it also offers full compatibility with our massive GeneratePress 3.1.0 update. If you want to use some of the new major features in GP 3.1.0, you’ll need to update to this version of GP Premium.

Colors & Typography Modules

Once you’ve updated to GeneratePress 3.1.0, the Colors module will automatically disappear as it’s no longer needed. All premium color controls have been moved into GeneratePress.

The Typography module will also disappear completely if you’re using the new dynamic typography option in GeneratePress 3.1.0. That option is turned on by default for new installs, but it’s turned off by default for existing installs.

New Dashboard

Users who update to this version while also using GeneratePress 3.1.0 will also get a brand new Dashboard in “Appearance > GeneratePress”. This Dashboard is a complete re-write in React, so it’s all much faster and cleaner!

Full Changelog

While this is a smaller feature release, it does include a lot of bug fixes and improvements. The below changelog outlines everything that has changed in this version.

  • Blog: Fix masonry JS error if no archive pagination exists
  • Blog: Fix full width featured blog column
  • Colors: Deprecate module if using GP 3.1.0
  • Elements: Add custom class option to dynamic image block
  • Elements: Add support for post_type array in display rules
  • Elements: Fix container link option when targeting next/previous posts
  • Menu Plus: Integrate off-canvas panel with new dynamic typography system
  • Menu Plus: Integrate off-canvas panel with new color system
  • Menu Plus: Integrate mobile header HTML attributes with new HTML attribute system
  • Menu Plus: Integrate mobile header and off-canvas panel with new generate_has_active_menu filter
  • Menu Plus: Fix broken inline CSS when using floated sticky navigation
  • Menu Plus: Add logo dimensions to navigation logo
  • Secondary Navigation: Integrate with new color system
  • Secondary Navigation: Integrate with new generate_has_active_menu filter
  • Secondary Navigation: Integrate with new dynamic typography system
  • Secondary Navigation: Reduce box-shadow to match main navigation
  • Secondary Navigation: Change direction of sub-menu box-shadow when opening left
  • Secondary Navigation: Fix sub-menu overlap when using dropdown click/mobile
  • Secondary Navigation: Replace box-shadow with border-bottom when sub-menu opens down
  • Site Library: Add site author attribution
  • Typography: Deprecate module if using dynamic typography in GP 3.1.0
  • WooCommerce: Integrate with new dynamic typography system
  • WooCommerce: Integrate with new colors system
  • WooCommerce: Remove category title/description if using page hero with title disabled
  • WooCommerce: Remove “speak” CSS properties
  • WooCommerce: Fix empty continue shopping link on mobile
  • WooCommerce: Fix persistent sticky add to cart panel
  • General: Integrate with new GP 3.1.0 Dashboard
  • General: Remove featured-image-active body class if featured image is disabled
  • General: Change date format in exported JSON filename
  • General: Fix PHP error when license key activation returns 403

9 thoughts on “GP Premium 2.1.0”

  1. Thank you for all your hard work, Sir Tom! We are very much excited about the upcoming release of GP Premium and the GeneratePress 3.1.

  2. After update the font-sizes and some other things look different then before. My client is not happy and me too!
    I’ve used a child theme to avoid such things.
    Where can I get the older version?


  3. Great plugin. Recently identified an issue with the previous build which persists with this latest version: If you create a new header element & you have selected the ” Disable syntax highlighting when editing code ” option in your wp user profile then the content box at the top of the new “Hero” section is missing so you can’t add anything. Any header hero elements created before recent updates still work though 🙂

  4. In this upgrade, the option to export and import the json file is missing. Is there any way to use that functionality.

    Work Around: I downgraded the theme and them upgraded it again.


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