GP Premium 1.6

GP Premium 1.6 is a significant update, with a few different features to highlight.

GeneratePress Sites

The biggest feature of this update is GeneratePress Sites. We’re entering 1.6 with 21 sites to choose from, thanks to some really talented designers who worked with us.

These are importable sites that are built to give you a head start when building new websites.

Once 1.6 is installed, you can find the sites in Appearance > GeneratePress > Site Library.

These sites include GeneratePress options and demo content. If you already have content, you can choose to only import the GeneratePress options. The demo content should only ever be imported on fresh website with no content.

As time goes on, we’ll be release more and more of these sites, which will be delivered to your Dashboard automatically.

The extra cool part? You can build and sell your own GeneratePress Sites! They’re super easy to export and package up. More on that soon!

Huge thanks to the following awesome people for helping us start our Site Library!


We’ve simplified translations in this version, which is something we’ve been wanting to do for a long time. Instead of each module having separate translations, everything has been merged into one translation file.

This will simplify things for translators, and will prevent the same terms being translated over and over again.

If you’re a translator – please check your translations! This merge of files was a huge job, and there’s bound to be some missing translations that need to be re-added.

Mobile Header + Flexbox

We rebuilt the mobile header in 1.6 to use Flexbox. This simplifies the mobile header considerably, and allows for easier modifications.

Slideout Navigation

The slideout navigation script was replaced with a vanilla javascript library, which is another step towards ditching jQuery in the theme.

We also added a widget area to the navigation, and made it so having a navigation in there isn’t even necessary. You could turn it into an off canvas panel full of widgets super easily!

Along with those changes, we added color and typography options, so you can customize the slideout area.

Smooth Scroll

A smooth scroll option has been added in Customize > General. Turning this option on will allow you to add the smooth-scroll class to your links, which will force them to smooth scroll to their anchor points.

This option is also integrated with the sticky navigation, so the top of your anchor point isn’t hidden.


One Click Import/Export

The Import/Export module has been re-written from the ground up. It now allows you to export all of your GP options into one file, instead of one for each individual module.

You can still choose to only export individual modules if need be.

What Else?

This version includes lots of other tweaks and fixes. You can read the full changelog here:


  • New: Sites module
  • Translations: Merge all translations into gp-premium text domain
  • General: Add smooth scroll option
  • General: Move batch processing files into library
  • General: Add GPP icon set
  • General: WPCS and PHPCS improvements
  • Blog: Fix PHP 7.2 warning
  • Blog: Fix Safari infinite scroll issues with srcset
  • Blog: Refresh masonry on infinite scroll append
  • Blog: Remove infinite scroll on 404 and no results pages
  • Blog: Fix Yoast SEO breaking columns with certain settings
  • Blog: Re-layout masonry on load
  • Colors: Add slideout navigation color options
  • Colors: Merge navigation + sub-navigation options into one section
  • Import/Export: One click export and import
  • Menu Plus: Re-build slideout navigation to use vanilla JS
  • Menu Plus: Add slideout navigation widget area
  • Menu Plus: Add close icon to slideout navigation
  • Menu Plus: Set sticky nav ID on refresh if stuck
  • Menu Plus: Allow WPML to modify Page Header select metabox
  • Menu Plus: Re-build mobile header using flexbox
  • Menu Plus: Use CSS for slideout navigation icon
  • Menu Plus: Fix sticky navigation slide down in Safari
  • Menu Plus: Add workaround for iOS sticky nav search issue
  • Page Header: Improve Page Header metabox UI on smaller screens
  • Page Header: Use author display name in template tag
  • Page Header: Add generate_page_header_id filter
  • Page Header: Fix vertical center issues in IE11
  • Page Header: Remove flexibility.js for IE8 support
  • Page Header: Fix GiveWP compatibility
  • Secondary Navigation: Re-build CSS
  • Sections: Disable Gutenberg if Sections are activated
  • Sections: Add generate_sections_gutenberg_compatible filter
  • Spacing: Fix one container widget padding preview in Customizer
  • Typography: Add Slideout Navigation typography options
  • WooCommerce: Clear up-sells when directly after entry content
  • WooCommerce: Fix placeholder text cut off in Firefox
  • WooCommerce: Use GPP icon set for cart menu item
  • WooCommerce: Load .js in the footer
  • Update Background Process library
  • Clean up code license key activation code
  • Remove verify.php
  • Prevent PHP notice when saving empty license
  • Add beta testing checkbox to license key area

41 thoughts on “GP Premium 1.6”

  1. This is incredibly spectacular. So far, only the undo feature (which obviously isn’t a thing) is the only thing that I don’t like. Even after going through the process at , and re-importing the backed up json file, it’s still not exactly back to the way it was. I can easily just restore a backup, but my point is that the process doesn’t seem to be perfect, and will probably be the biggest pain point in the future. But aside from that, and any bugs I haven’t yet come across, this is truly fantastic. Exciting!

    • Glad you like it!

      There’s no undo feature that will take your site back to the way it was unfortunately. The content import process should only be done on fresh installs, so you can just wipe everything clean to “undo” the import process.

      If you choose not to import content, you can import the backed up options to go back to how the site was.

  2. Awesome!!! Congratulations for your work! I am very interested in the “GeneratePress Sites” feature. What will exactly include the export and import of sites? Thank you very much Tom for your magnificent work …

    • The Sites will be a combination of GP options, demo content and plugins.

      The content/plugins are optional and best suited for brand new sites with no content.

  3. Hello Tom,
    I am impressed with GP, is it really necessary to create a child theme of GP for building a website? I intend not to make any major customizations in it. Please advise. I plan to use elementor for building the site.

    • Thanks! It depends on the level of customization needed. Child themes are important if you’re overwriting template files. If you’re only adding some CSS and some functions, they’re not usually necessary.

  4. Congratulations on GP Premium 1.6, I can see the GeneratePress Sites feature being very popular!

    With regards to Gutenberg and Sections, would it not be possible to allow Gutenberg to be used on posts (since they can’t have sections), or even better, only disable it for pages that have sections activated on them?

  5. Hi Tom
    Regarding the Slideout Navigation – is there an option to only display that menu?
    When I remove my menu from “Primary Menu” in the customizer it also removes the slideout menu hamburger icon.


  6. Hello Tom,

    I have purchased GP Premium, I’m a bit new in WP…
    Could you please explain me how to practically install GP Premium 1.6 beta ?
    many thanks in advance.

  7. Many thanks Tom !
    Can you please explain what are the “new template tags you can use in your Page Headers” ?
    (Btw your WP Show Posts Pro is a steal… two thumbs up !)

    • They allow you to display Elementor or Beaver Builder templates without using one of their shortcodes. For example, only Elementor Pro has a shortcode feature.

  8. Excellent as always. Wasn’t impressed with GeneratePress sites at first but the ‘no page builder’ filter made me shiver with excitement. Artisan and Head on are the standout sites for me so far.

    Its an honor to use your theme. Thanks

  9. Great release, as usual.

    Tom, ¿how can I get that “theme options panel” like the one you’re using in themes preview?

    Thanks in advance.

  10. Tom, I can not update version 1.6 from 1.5.6.
    Message: “Error en la actualización: No ha sido posible crear el directorio gp-premium/library/image-processing-queue/includes”

    And it does not give me problems when updating other plugins (I mention it for the permissions …)

    I use Windows 8.1 + WordPress + Woocommerce + GP Premium + WampServer 2.5 (PHP 5.6.32, MySQL 5.6.17)

    Thank you.

  11. Tom: What is the change for the GiveWP plugin? For my own GiveWP donation page, I had to apply custom CSS and a PHP code snippet in order to get consistent behavior / treatment for the fields on the page. Obviously, I don’t want that which I applied to break when I activate GP 1.6. I can of course send you my site’s URL separately.

    • The GiveWP fix was in the backend. There was a conflict which was displaying some PHP warnings when adding a new form. Nothing on the front end changed 🙂

  12. Hi Tom,
    I have been using GP for 18 months for client sites and love it. I had been thinking for a while about how I could make designs in GP and package them up as ready-to-go themes rather than doing bespoke designs for each client, as I work with a lot of small businesses that don’t have the budget for the time a single design can take.

    I was surprised and very happy to read this above:

    “The extra cool part? You can build and sell your own GeneratePress Sites! They’re super easy to export and package up. More on that soon!”

    Because that’s exactly what I’ve been thinking about doing!

    Now – forgive me for asking if you’ve already talked about this (I can’t seem to find a blog/news feed for GP), but can you let me know how/when I can find out more?

    Thank you 🙂


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