GP Premium 1.5

GP Premium 1.5 has been released! This is a big update which revolves around the Blog add-on.

Since this update cleans up the Customizer and overall structure of the add-on, please be sure to perform a database backup before updating.

Blog options relocated

Instead of our blog options being inside their own panel, they’ve been moved into the Layout panel in the Customizer.

More checkboxes

Instead of a bunch of select dropdown options, we’ve migrated those controls so they’re checkboxes now. Less clicks and less space taken up in the Customizer. This means when you first install GPP 1.5, a function runs which migrates your existing options so they’re compatible with checkboxes.

Columns == Masonry

Before, our Columns and Masonry options were separated, which doesn’t make much sense. Now the options are combined into one small area – first you enable columns, then you can enable masonry within those columns. Again, your options will be migrated automatically when you update, so you shouldn’t notice any difference on your website.

No more “Full width posts” within columns

Before, we had a “Full Width Post” option when we were using columns. This has been changed to a “Featured post” option, which isn’t necessarily full width. If you’re using two columns, the featured post will be one column. If you have three columns, it will take up 2/3 columns and so on..

New image resizer

The image resizing library has been replaced in 1.5. We were using Aqua Resizer, which is an on-the-fly image resizer. Now we’re using Image Processing Queue, which is way more server friendly and supports responsive images. You may need to reload any pages with resized images once to tell the new library to resize them.

Single post meta options

You can now choose to enable or disable your individual post meta items (author, date, categories etc..) on single posts as well as archives.

Single featured image options

The same options you had for regular featured images, you now have for featured images on single posts. That includes sizing and alignment!

Remove padding around featured images

We’ve added an option to remove the spacing around your featured images when they’re centered. This makes them hug the surrounding container.

Infinite scroll whenever

You can choose to use infinite scroll – with or without a load more button – regardless of using masonry or not.

Copyright panel moved

The Copyright panel has been moved into Layout > Footer.

Full Changelog

1.5.6 – 12/4/2017

  • Backgrounds: Make position control description translatable
  • Blog: Fix disabled page featured images if post featured images are disabled
  • Blog: Let WP handle featured image alt attributes
  • Colors: Fix text domain
  • Colors: Improve inconsistent live preview behavior
  • Menu Plus: Prep desktop only slideout icon for GP 2.0
  • Page Header: Allow unfiltered HTML in content if user is allowed
  • Page Header: Only load CSS file if content is added
  • Typography: Fix h5 font size not appearing in GP 2.0

1.5.5 – 11/22/2017

  • Blog: Fix broken images while using Infinite Scroll in Safari
  • Typography: Fix first variant not appearing when you select a font
  • Typography: Fix select issues when plugins load old versions of the select2 library

1.5.4 – 11/18/2017

  • Sections: Fix Visual/Text tab in WP 4.9
  • Sections: Fix Content/Settings tab in WP 4.9

1.5.3 – 11/14/2017

  • Blog: Fix masonry filter not working on custom post type archives
  • Blog: Fix resized featured images when page header resizer is enabled
  • Blog: Fix broken Customizer toggles in Safari
  • Page Header: Fix PHP notice when saving posts
  • Fix/add various gettext values

1.5.2 – 11/10/2017

  • Backgrounds: Fix issue with saving background image options

1.5.1 – 11/9/2017

  • Blog: Make infinite scroll container selector more specific
  • Page Header: Fix background video when container is contained
  • Page Header: Remove featured image on attachment pages


  • Backgrounds: Rebuild Customizer control
  • Blog: Move Blog panel into the Layout panel
  • Blog: Migrate options from select dropdowns to checkboxes where applicable
  • Blog: Merge masonry + column options into one area
  • Blog: Add new post meta visibility options for single posts
  • Blog: Replace old image resizer (aq_resize) with Image Processing Queue (reload your site once or twice to build new images)
  • Blog: Add single post featured image options
  • Blog: Add page featured image options
  • Blog: Remove masonry meta box
  • Blog: Add option to remove padding around centered featured images
  • Blog: Add option to turn read more link into button
  • Blog: Add option to turn on infinite scroll regardless of layout
  • Blog: Use infinite scroll with or without a load more button
  • Blog: Make read more links better for accessibility
  • Blog: Migrate single post page header position option to single featured image location option
  • Blog: Remove ellipses if excerpt is set to 0
  • Blog: Change style.css handle to include generate prefix
  • Blog: Remove unnecessary IE8 support
  • Blog: Add alt attribute to featured images
  • Blog: Fix pagination spacing when One Container is set
  • Blog: Fix column/masonry spacing at 768px
  • Colors: Add select input live preview settings
  • Colors: Fix button labels
  • Copyright: Move Copyright section into Layout panel
  • Menu Plus: Fix mobile menu logo bug when navigation is set to float right
  • Menu Plus: Fix no transition sticky navigation bug while on mobile
  • Page Header: Replace old image resizer (aq_resize) with Image Processing Queue (reload your site once or twice to build new images)
  • Page Header: Don’t use global page header locations if not published
  • Page Header: Sanitize page header content when saved to database
  • Page Header: Make sure Elementor sections are accessible when page header is merged
  • Page Header: Prepare transparent color picker for WP 4.9 changes
  • Page Header: Fix background video in Safari 11
  • Page Header: Add global locations for taxonomies
  • Page Header: Add {{custom_field.description}} template tag to taxonomies (categories etc..)
  • Page Header: Add ID to page header element
  • Page Header: Fix individual taxonomy page header control not appearing on Toolset created taxonomies
  • Page Header: Ensure jQuery Vide (video background) script only loads when needed
  • Page Header: Fix custom images not displaying
  • Page Header: Fix image link option not working
  • Typography: Lay groundwork for H6 options
  • Typography: Space out heading typography options
  • Typography: Add System Stack option
  • Typography: Fix Google Font variant control in WP 4.9
  • Sections: Show Envira button
  • Sections: Show Gridable button
  • Sections: Prepare transparent color picker for WP 4.9 changes
  • WooCommerce: Add filter to cart menu item location
  • WooCommerce: Better activation compatibility with multi-site
  • WooCommerce: Use wc_get_cart_url() for menu item
  • German translations updated (Thanks, Daniel!)

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  1. Thanks Alot Tom …………. Thanks Brother For Upgrading the GP theme…
    and our support is with You ……….. Best of Luck I will Pray For Your Success .. thanks again

  2. Looks very good! Now I want to re-do my blog again and take advantage of these news. My only remaining thought about blog is I think the previous/next post link is too discreet and can easily be missed, but I guess that can easily be changed with some CSS.


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