GP Premium 1.2.72

GP Premium 1.2.72 has been released today with some bug fixes and improvements.

(10/3/2015) – 1.2.72

  • Blog: Fix masonry on tablet orientation change
  • Blog: Fix masonry on search results page
  • Menu Plus: Fix sticky menu bug when navigation is in sidebar
  • Menu Plus: Remove empty javascript element if slideout menu is disabled
  • Menu Plus: Fix sticky menu bug when mobile menu is toggled
  • Menu Plus: Delay sticky script from initializing until all other scripts are done
  • Page Header: Add microdata to page header image
  • Spacing: Fix mobile search spacing
  • Sections: Add generate_sections_default_padding_top and generate_sections_default_padding_bottom filters for the default padding

Individual add-ons updated

  • Blog
  • Menu Plus
  • Page Header
  • Spacing
  • Sections

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