GP Premium 1.2.68

We’ve released GP Premium 1.2.68 today with some improvements and bug fixes.

Here’s what changed:

(8/22/2015) – 1.2.68

  • [!] Blog: Remove masonry load more button if linked directly to last page
  • [!] Sections: Fix issue with sections displaying on IE8
  • [*] Sections: Add new filter to allow sections on any post type you like: generate_sections_post_types
  • [+] Page Header: Add new filter to allow page header link to open in new tab: generate_page_header_target
  • [!] Menu Plus: Fix error when using Jetpack’s Mobile Theme
  • [*] Menu Plus: Improve fade transition
  • [!] Colors: Fix mobile menu text hover
  • [+] GP Premium: Activate/Deactivate multiple add-ons at once

Individual add-ons updated

  • Blog
  • Sections
  • Page Header
  • Menu Plus
  • Colors

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