GP 1.3.16

GP 1.3.16 has been uploaded today.

This release has some bug fixes and some overall improvements to the microdata integration.

To download before it becomes available in your Dashboard, click here.

To see which files were altered, click here.

(10/11/2015) – 1.3.16

  • Improve schema markup throughout theme
  • Added generate_body_schema function to output the schema itemtype for the <body> element
  • Added generate_article_schema function to output the schema itemtype for the <article> elements
  • Added generate_show_excerpt function/filter to determine whether to show the excerpt or not
  • content.php has been altered to work with the generate_show_excerpt function
  • Add styling for bbPress login widget
  • Add footer font size value
  • Remove excess spacing above leave a comment title
  • Update 404 text
  • Change placeholder widget titles to h4

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  1. Hello,

    Thanks a lot for adding styling for bbPress login widget, great work.
    I cannot find setting for footer font size value !

    Best Regards


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