GP 1.3.06

GP 1.3.06 was released today.

If you’re seeing the update for 1.3.05, please refresh your Updates section in your Dashboard. This version has a nasty error that slipped by me. I won’t let it happen again.

Here’s what changed:

(7/25/2015) – 1.3.06

  • [+] Dutch translation added (thanks, Jaap!)
  • [!] Fix fatal error


(7/15/2015) – 1.3.05

  • [*] Make generate_get_font_family_css() available to other settings
  • [!] Fix weird Google Font rendering bug
  • [*] Adjust .menu-item-float-right class
  • [!] Fix spacing issue on portrait tablets
  • [*] Set tablet sidebar width to regular sidebar width

More on the 1.3.05 error

There was a three hour window this morning, July 25 2015 between 5AM and 8AM PST where you were asked to update to 1.3.05.

This version had a nasty fatal error for people running slightly older versions of PHP.

This bug was fixed immediately and 1.3.06 was released on with the fix to the fatal error.

If you’re experiencing this error, please see contact me to fix it.

Hopefully not too many people were affected as it was early Saturday morning.

To those of you who were, I’m very sorry. I’ve started a beta tester program that will be implemented from now on to stop this kind of thing from happening again.

To sign up to become a beta tester, please check out this page.

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