GP 1.3.0 Released

This is a somewhat major release, including new support for tablet devices.

This release also focused on speed and efficiency by minifying many of CSS and JS files.

If you’re using a caching or minifying plugin, please clear your cache once you update.

(6/19/2015) – 1.3.0

[*] Improve mobile menu label spacing if no text is set
[*] Fix <pre> tag output
[+] Add basic styling to <blockquote>
[+] Add subtle borders to table elements
[*] Make <hr /> color compatible with all background colors
[+] Slovak translation added (thanks, Jan!!)
[*] Unsemantic grid updated and minified (44.91% savings)
[+] Tablet support added (change your mobile specific media queries from 768px to 767px)
[*] Minify ie.css (22.32% savings)
[*] Superfish menu minified (82% savings)
[!] Fix stretched images in IE8 and below
[+] Declare HTML5 structure support
[*] Google Fonts updated
[*] Google Fonts inclusion completely re-written
[*] Typography values stripped of variants
[+] Add editor style
[*] Comment styling slightly improved
[x] Remove save changes button from Appearance > GeneratePress

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