GP 1.2.0

= (10/14/2014) – 1.2.0 =

* Fix bug that takes footer widget setting from latest post and applies to the blog
* Tweaks made to .alignleft and .alignright on mobile
* Include FontAwesome in theme instead of CDN
* Add sanitization for typography options
* Change separator spacing from padding to margin
* Added French translation
* Added filters for widget titles: generate_start_widget_title and generate_end_widget_title
* When navigation search is clicked, move close icon to far right if navigation is centered
* Classes added to <body> for header and navigation alignment
* Cleaned up some code
* Added hook after starting <main> tag and before closing </main> tag
* Allow sidebar and footer widget metabox on all post types
* New Hook: generate_paging_navigation
* Change navigation search from line-height to height to fix Chrome issue
* Header/Logo upload uses Media Library

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