GeneratePress 3.1.1

This is a small update to fix a couple of bugs introduced in the upcoming WordPress 5.9 release.

  • Fix: Color picker UI in WP 5.9
  • Fix: Translations using javascript
  • Fix: Layout panel link inside the Start Customizing Dashboard

4 thoughts on “GeneratePress 3.1.1”

  1. Theme is really great, but one issue with the post URLs. After ending url #more/ is automatically including. So I request please fix this bug.

  2. Hi Tom,

    At some point it would be interesting to hear in a blog about your thinking on how Generate Press and Generate Blocks will evolve now that we have (sort of) full site editing in WordPress 5.9.

    I guess the key question is whether or not GP will turn into a block based theme, or not?


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