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    I am an old-school web developer perl/mysql/html. I am moving into the new century and learning to develop sites with WP and WooCommerce and of course, GeneratePress. I bought the plugin package and this has made my job so much easier.
    Here is my question, I installed WC and it generated several pages automatically, shop, show products, cart and checkout. My problem is I would like the shop page to have no sidebar. I edited the ‘shop’ page and changed the page template accordingly, but the page still shows the sidebar. I looked around this forum and saw some references to an upcoming updated version or using an add_filter but I am a little lost.
    WP 4.4.2
    GP Theme 1.3.28
    GP Premium 1.2.79
    WC 2.5.5
    Thanks in advance,
    John N.


    I may have figured it out. I installed generate_simple_php and added the add_filter snippet found in this forum that returns ‘no-sidebar’ if page is woocommerce and it works. Imagine that. I was concerned about just adding the code to functions.php without creating a child theme and losing changes with theme updates. This was very clean.

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    That’s perfect – glad you found the solution and it worked 🙂


    The cart and checkout pages are not affected by this add_filter code, but changing the template by editing the page does work. So shop and show_product are changed with the add_filter code and cart and checkout pages are changed with editing those 2 pages. Weird. Thanks for answering these posts, you have a great product and great service.

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    Those are physical pages, so you can change the layout setting while editing the page: https://generatepress.com/knowledgebase/choosing-sidebar-layouts/#metabox


    I’m looking for a solution to the same problem. I want to get rid of sidebars on all WooCommerce product pages.

    Can you please give me clearer instructions? I’m not sure what you did. Can’t find a “generate simple php” plugin. Any help you can offer is most appreciated.


    Tom has it much easier now. Go to your Customizer>Layout>WooCommerce and in the SHOP section select ‘No Sidebars’ and you should be done.

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    Yup this post is old.

    If you still need help please open a new topic.


Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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