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    I am trying to get woocommerce to lay out the products in the same way on the home (shop) page of the website as it does on the woocommerce categories pages. I like the 4 columns look in desktop mode for both products and categories, but even with the help of woocommerce booster plugin I can’t seem to get the product/category thumbnail, product name, product price and ‘read more’ button to all align center horizontally, when I try with CSS the thumbnail seems stuck aligned left. Also, the varying thumbnail image heights leaves vertical alignment of the product name, product price and ‘read more’ button totally random..


    I was hoping to achieve something like another plugin I used on earlier draft of the site:


    In this case the mouse over actually generates a gray highlight window around the image cropping to it’s aspect ratio. Can this easily be reproduced via css? It’s difficult to find decent images for the products we sell and the aspect ratios tend to vary a good bit so resizing images would be very difficult.


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    It would have to be reproduced with CSS, but it’s a bit too much to provide here in the forum.

    Any reason you’re not just using the same plugin in both places if that’s the look you’re going for?


    Hmm, still an issue for me in chrome, safari mobile,, everywhere.. http://9bd.b89.myftpupload.com/medical-imaging-system-sales-service-solutions/medical/ultrasound-machine/alpinion-ultrasound/ If the window gets resized or toggles from mobile landscape / portrait mode then the full size slider image window displays, otherwise all I see is a row of thumbnails.. This only occurs with sliders located in woocommerce tabs.


    Sorry! Wrong Place to post that reply, my bad..

    The previous plugin I was using was a product plugin like woocommerce.. It’d be a redundant plugin, and a far less capable version of a product catelogue, no built in shop, cart pages and the catelogues are generated with shortcode, not actual product categories/pages structured like wordpress pages/posts.


    I understand this being a lot to handle through a forum.. IRC any help?

    Any way I can pay you directly for advanced support/assistance? I really like your theme, your support has been very helpful and have I spent the past year testing so many potential solutions / plugins to get everything to play nice.. I feel like it’s actually close now! I’ve had enough support with you in the past to feel comfortable with granting access and paying for a scope of custom css type work to get these last few matters resolved. Mostly matters related to tricky woocommerce layout issues. If you see what I’m going for with the 3 or 4 primary goals I’m currently posting on then is this something you might consider?

    Thanks for all your help!

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    I’m afraid I don’t have much time for any custom work right now – I have a few pretty big GP updates I’m working on, and I just had a hard drive crash so I’m rebuilding some lost stuff.

    For small WooCommerce things, a service like codeable.io might be worth checking into 🙂

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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