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    Kevin Wabiszewski

    I read through all the past responses to the .wolf files. I realize this is a small file and switching to the SVG icons should fix my issue but here are my results.

    My main concern is that the site has a high First Input Delay(FID) 339ms with a Max Potential First Input Delay of 380. My mobile page speeds scores are typically above 90. However, I still get errors on every page in the webmaster mobile reports because of the long FID. By error, I mean that google marks the mobile speed as red or F and error because of the high FID.

    Here are the results if Icon type Font is selected, only the Cache dynamic CSS checked. If I check the other 2 boxes it makes the scores worse.

    Mobile score 96 Max Potential First Input Delay 380 ms
    Ensure text remains visible during webfont load
    Potential Savings 60 ms
    Potential Savings 90 ms

    Avoid chaining critical requests
    Maximum critical path latency: 920 ms
    Initial Navigation
    …jquery/jquery-1.12.4-wp.js – 240 ms, 33.38 KB
    …fonts/generatepress.woff2 – 60 ms, 1.61 KB
    …fonts/fontello.woff – 90 ms, 14.72 KB

    So I tried the suggested fix of switching to SVG icon.
    Mobile score 96 Max Potential First Input Delay 430 ms
    Ensure text remains visible during webfont load
    fonts/fontello.woff Potential Savings 90 ms

    It removed the .woff2 but not .wolf.

    Maximum critical path latency: 1,150 ms
    Initial Navigation
    …fonts/fontello.woff – 90 ms, 14.72 KB
    …jquery/jquery-1.12.4-wp.js – 70 ms, 33.38 KB

    Any suggestions on how to remove the second .woff file? or how to avoid chaining critical requests? Or how to reduce the high FID?


    David Customer Support

    Hi there,

    the fonts/fontello.woff is being loaded by the Lightweight Social Sharing plugin – if its a major deal then maybe worth replacing them with some HTML and SVG icons.

    That literally leaves you with the jQuery so should ‘reduce’ the critical chains / paths Google seems to be getting rather uppity about 🙂


    Kevin Wabiszewski


    Thanks for the reply. That was helpful. I deleted the Lightweight Social Sharing and that helped a little bit.

    I looked into the jQuery file more and found it was render-blocking because of a setting in WP Rocket.
    The Safe mode for jQuery (recommended) was checked.

    Removing the check put the site FID back in the green. Not sure why they recommend it.

    Thank you!


    David Customer Support

    Glad to hear that 🙂

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