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    Hi there,

    I would like to give some feedback of what I have noticed the previous days with Generatepress Probably with WooCommerce.

    Try to:

    Install GP theme ( default Settings )

    Install WooCommerce ( Add some rightbar element in the wodgets area )

    Like cart – recent products etc.

    After that disable in customiser the sidebars so there is none in left or right.

    Open WP debug to true.

    And try to go and delete the sidebar elements from the widgets area you have inserted before.

    In my situation they cant be deleted ( except if I enable the sidebars in customiser and after I delete them)

    Let me know if that makes sense or I should send more info or a video.

    Customer Support

    Hi there,

    Let me know if that makes sense or I should send more info or a video.

    Can you share screencapture of this occurence? Perhaps share a view w/ console open as well? for any errors.

    I’ve tried replicating this by doing the following steps:

    1.) Added cart – recently viewed products to right sidebar.
    2.) Checked the page to see if it appears.
    3.) After checking, went to Appearance > Customize > Layout > Sidebars to disable sidebars site-wide.
    4.) went to Appearance > Widgets. Removed “cart – recently viewed products”. (Sidebars still disabled)

    I was able to remove the widget added without any issues. I didn’t have to toggle the sidebars on and off to do this.

    This may be an isolated case. Or perhaps I’m missing something. Let us know the exact steps you’ve taken so we can replicate it faithfully and see if the bug occurs. ๐Ÿ™‚

    A wise man once said:
    "Have you cleared your cache?"


    Hello Elvin,

    I am not sure what the issue is if is from Generatepress or Woocommerce or something else.

    What I did is to try to change theme to Astra , Storefront and 2021 Theme.

    When I first installed that themes the issue was there, but I could easily remove the widgets.

    With GP I cant even remove those unused widgets, but still not sure what the issue is , is very strange and complicated.

    Let me try to explain the steps and how to reproduce.

    This website is build based on Merch template, and it is created before two years, so it was the old system of GP and no Blocks on Widgets area. I had then imported the content from the template.

    Notice * Merch has excactly the widgets that I have in my right sitebar ( But I dont use them, actually I need to delete them ) as on my website I have not sidebars on Woocommerce or in the rest of the site.

    1. I go to widgets area and is this notice when I opened the WP DEBUG to true – >https://ibb.co/BrjLPR7

    Probably a lot of time there.

    2. Try to delete it – https://ibb.co/cwX5Jyh – SAVE

    3. Refresh – > https://ibb.co/FXSL58g – And it comes again! ( Remember Merch had those options , Maybe a AUTOLOAD gp is using ? I dont know just a thought )

    4. Delete that and put some paragraph instead – > https://ibb.co/ynZBgKs -> Looks like the old stuff has gone

    5. Delete the paragraph you created and save, the old widgets will come again.

    No errors on console ,

    Have tested in staging site without other plugins Just GP GPtheme and Woocommerce no cache nothing still happens.

    Lead Developer
    Lead Developer

    My guess is that it’s the Notices you’re seeing in the first screenshot – they’re likely stopping the save process from completing.

    What happens if you disable WP_DEBUG?


    Hi Tom,

    Just now I removed the paragraph that had before and saved.

    The filters come back – https://pasteboard.co/tSgp3jSAzNRU.jpg

    That widgets are

    Search Products
    Filter Products based on price
    Recent Products


    I managed to make this Fix on a staging site of this one, by adding the Astra or Storefront theme , I dont remeber which worked.

    Deleted those widgets and that fixed the issue. But I forgot the excact process.

    I want to mention that this errors was there with Storefront also and Astra, Not with 2021 WP theme tho.

    But as I said I managed to delete them with the way above.


    I Just made a new staging and did all the process from the begining.

    1. Import Website as it is in the new staging domain

    2. Go to Widgets see the error with Generatepress.

    3. Change Theme to Twenty Twenty One and I notice the Error again.

    4. Change Theme again to Generatepress and Disable Woocommerce Plugin – Error Gone !

    5. ( Generatepress ) Enable Woocomerce and try to remove widgets – Is impossible with Generatepress and Woocommerce

    6. Change Theme with 2021 with enabled Woocommerce ( Previously Deleted Widget ) – Error Dissapear.

    7. Change theme again with Generatepress and the error has disapeared , also there is no widget there.

    Looks that I can delete and remove the error only if I enable any other theme and try to delete the widget.


    Sorry for the Spam but this is the strangest issue I have seen.

    Now Widget is again there when GP is enabled again, so if I swich theme to 20 21 , it will take the widget this too.

    But at least if I disable the widget with 20 21, It can be removed, it will take it only if I enable Generatepress and switch again.

    Lead Developer
    Lead Developer

    It seems like there might be a WordPress bug you’re facing here, as there doesn’t seem to be any one direct cause of the issue.

    Did you try turning off WP_DEBUG as I suggested above?


    Yes I have it to false, but still you cant delete the widgets there of woo. Except if you put something else like a paragraph.

    It looks like it needs to load something , yeah is very strange

    Lead Developer
    Lead Developer

    So those Notice: messages are still showing in the widgets area even with WP_DEBUG turned off?


    Hey there,

    No the Notice is not displaying when WP_DEBUG is set to false.

    But what is Impossible to do is to delete the existing widget elements from Right Sidebar.

    For my sittiuation is ok for now till the problem is solved as I dont use sidebars on my website.

    But I wanted to report that to you if is GP related and hopefully there are better compatibilities in the future of GP with Woo.

    I have seen in the past some small issues again and have reported them as well, and will be much apreciated if GP will focus a bit more to Woocommerce websites.

    Lead Developer
    Lead Developer

    We’ll play with it to see if we can get it to break on our end. If it’s something within GP/GPP we will definitely get it fixed ๐Ÿ™‚

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