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[Resolved] Why does the edit page NOT look like the view page when I check my design?

Home Forums Support Why does the edit page NOT look like the view page when I check my design?

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    You would copy and paste that code where you want the columns to appear, so below the video for example.

    Then change “Some Content” to your actual content.

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    Here is the code on the page… can you show me where I put the column code and how?




    Welcome to <b><u>YESWOLF COPYWRITERS</u></b>, the only theatre, drama, and film copywriting service we’ve been able to find anywhere on the worldwide web!  That’s right — we Googled it; we Binged it; we Yahooed it; we DuckDuckGo’d it; we even Wolframalpha’d it — and you know what?  We’re it.  Yep.  It’s just us.  And that means, we’re the guys you’re looking for.

    If you’re reading this, you’re most likely looking for great copywriters for your arts oriented business.  You’d like to take things up a notch, to reach out to new customers, and to reinvigorate the customers you already have.  And with the unimaginable vastness of the internet (that’s the way Christopher puts it) and the constant temptation of distraction while you surf the web (that’s the way Van puts it), it’s actually a bit of a miracle we’re all here on the same page.

    So whether you’re here for our specialty services in theatre, drama, and film; or you’re here looking for more general copywriting services — we can help.  Please take the time to explore our website and (hopefully) you’ll not only decide you’ve found what you’re looking for, you’ll also have a chuckle or two.  (Yes, we’ve kept things casual here for your pleasure because, we figure, the last thing you need are business partners that stress you out. We believe collaboration should be fun, and that’s why we love theatre, drama, and film so much.)

    If you like what you find here (and we sincerely hope to do), click one of our contact links to send us your contact information, or email us, or call us, and we’ll get back to you as quickly as our work load allows.

    You know what? We’ve discovered something about you already. You’re a dreamer. We’re dreamers, too. Let’s see if we can dream together.

    Christopher and Van <i>(The “Yeswolves”)</i>



    Try pasting above “Welcome to….”

    You are trying to create some columns correct?

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    Trying to turn that copy into three columns, yes. I already tried pasting the code you sent over the copy — a bunch of times in fact. I’m clearly not doing it right — it just stays like it is, one wide column. That’s why I asked if you could show or tell me EXACTLY where to past what…


    I sent you the page code/copy hoping you could show me where to put it and how to make it work.



    I added —–COPY AND PASTE THE CODE HERE———— in your content:

    Obviously you need to replace the “Some Content” to your actual content.

    If you still can’t get it to work please leave the code in there so we can see why.

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    Lead Developer

    Here’s an example creating a 3 column layout:

    You may enjoy using a page builder like Beaver Builder more though.


    Tom, that is the same sample Leo sent me and I tried to use it over and over but it did not do anything. I did copy and paste the code where Leo said to do that but it did not work. I must have done it wrong. I’d rather get it right with what I’ve already worked with instead to switching to something else new like Beaver Builder. My website is 95% done. PLEASE show me EXACTLY how to use the code with the content I sent Leo above (and that he sent back to me). Your help is sincerely appreciated.


    Lead Developer

    You just need to copy and paste, then change the content:


    Is there a way to copy an entire page — duplicate it so I have a second one to work on and won’t mess up the one I already have in case it all goes wrong? Thanks.


    Lead Developer

    Not sure what you mean? You could just copy what you have and paste it into a newly created page which you can test on?


    OK, I follow that. I’ll try it tomorrow. Thanks.


    Just saying thanks, Tom and Leo. It was not easy for me but with your help I finally managed to get the three column format onto my Home page. Much appreciated.


    Lead Developer

    Glad we could help! 🙂


    So my website is finished but the video you helped me set up skips when it plays the first time after loading the page. Is there a way to have the page automatically load the full video when the page is loaded so it won’t skip the first time it plays?

Viewing 15 posts - 46 through 60 (of 67 total)

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