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    Hi there, Trying to figure out what the difference is between choosing Page Hero and Site Header in a Header Element, as the video does not make this clear, I think.
    Most of the descriptions in a Page Hero are about blog post, all the Template Tags are about posts and in the video at 2.35, about the background image, the featured image of a blog post is mentioned. Is Page Hero mostly for a blog post page, not for creating a header like the Page Hero Examples 2 & 3?

    (I followed the description to create example 3, and added the code to my functions.php, but it broke my site)

    I’m not running a blog post page, and I only need to create the header for my frontpage, and the global header on all other pages of my site. so maybe the Page Hero is not the way to go for me anyway.

    Please clarify when to use a Page Hero header or when to use a Site Header Element?

    I just added a Site Header Header element with merged content on my frontpage, but I see no changes?

    I expected to see an option for choosing this header element in Customize>Layout>Header, but there are no options.


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    Hi there,

    Ok – lets see if we can clear this up:

    1. Site Header refers to the theme container containing the Logo, Header Widget area and sometimes a Navigation. All of this is styled and controlled from within the Customizer.

    2. A Header Element is a completely separate element. By default it is placed below the Site Header and has no effect on the Site Header.
    However you can from the Header Element > Site Header tab – set it to Merge with Site Header where upon you can edit the Site Header styles. These style changes will appear wherever the header elements display locations are set.


    Ok, so apparently it is possible to add both Page Hero settings and Site Header settings in the same Header Element?

    I added merge content to the header on my front page, and I expected to see my navigation menu as overlay with a background, why does the changes not kick in?

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    Thats correct you can:

    1. Create a normal Header Element with Page Hero content, background images etc.
    2. Create a Header Element with Page Hero content, background images etc. and merge it with the Site Header.
    3. Create a Header Element without any Page Hero content or images etc and merge it with the Site Header – what this does is to merge your pages content with the site header.

    One thing to be careful of is Display Location Conflicts – if you have two or more Header Elements that share the same Locations then whichever one you created first will apply and the subsequent ones will not.

    I can’t open the link you provided to see what the issue is.


    It’s working now, the link was not the right one.

    Thank you


    Thanks for the clarification, that could be helpfull to add to the documentation

    Customer Support

    Glad to hear that – we will be reviewing our documentation in the near future

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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