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    hello how are you

    pls check this screenshot link https://prnt.sc/ENiIS-snJLtV

    could you explain the diffrence between them?

    if you can give me a video guide , then it is better? tel me how to choose them when making the design by video guide.


    Customer Support

    Hi there,

    when you use the Headline block, each of the H1, H2, H3 …. P, Div will determine what HTML is output.

    eg. for H1 we get: <h1>your heading</h1>
    eg. for P we get: <p>your heading</p>
    eg. for DIV we get: <div>your heading</div>

    All H and the P tags are noted as text elements in HTML. And those come with their specific styles and their semantic meaning which affects how search engines may treat them and how your overall SEO performs.

    As an example a normal page would have Headings and those headings would have a hierarchy. eg.

    H1 The Main Title
    Paragraph of text
    H2 a sub heading on the page
    Paragraph of more text

    The DIV allows you to add text that does not have a specific customizer style or semantic meaning.

    DIV some text before my H1 Title
    H1 The Main Title

    In the instance i would use the DIV for some text before my H1 Title as this would not interfere with the heading hiearchy.


    hello david

    really thanks for professional explanation. and i can almost understand that. im sorry that im not good at HTML coding.

    I know that it will reflect the structure or hiearchy of the whole blog or article.

    Is it more better if you can find an example of the blog article or something else. I want to get a further feel for it again from an actural example.

    thanks in advance.

    Customer Support

    Post Meta such as display a posts Category terms, or the author name or a date are a good example of where you can ( don’t have to ) use the DIV eg.


    In that example the Terms come before the H2:


    Likewise you sometimes see a page where a prefix of text comes before the main H1.


    Thanks for all

    Customer Support
Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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