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    This is regarding http://languagers.com/

    we changed to generatepress theme because our previous site was slow. The new one, however, is slow as well.

    Please advise who to speed up the site loading. (for example: remove animation etc)


    Customer Support

    Hi there,

    I ran a GT Metrix report that you can see here.


    Quite a few issues to resolve. The major one being the site is making 168 network requests. To put that into perspective the GeneratePress site makes around 30 – 40 requests.

    Beginining from the Waterfall report.

    Initial Request: / is taking 4.8seconds to load. Note i tested this against the default Canadian server. You should speak to your host about the delay here – possible solution for global performance is to implement a CDN.

    Fonts: There are a total of 16 font requests.
    14 of these are Google Fonts – recommendation is to reduce the number of fonts and their variants ( font weights ) to minimise these requests. Ideally you want to keep this to less the 3 or 4.

    Its also loading Fontello which is used by the Lightweight Social Icons plugin.
    As you’re using Elementor which loads FontAwesome perhaps it would be better to remove Lightweight Social Icons and use an Elementor template for them.

    JS and CSS: Aside of the couple of files that the theme loads these are added by Elementor and other plugins. Disable some elementor features such as Animations may remove some of these. Others are 3rd party requests such as GTM and GoogleAdservices.

    3rd party javascript requests can be deferred using a Plugin like Flying Scripts.
    And GTM can be served locally using a Plugin called CAOS.

    Images ( seen under PageSpeed tab ): There are a lot images being rescaled. When adding images in Elementor you should select the most suitable Media Attachment size when resizing them eg. select Medium if your images are small.

    After all that you can follow our optimization tips here:


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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