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    Julio Merodio

    Good Morning

    We are finishing the development tasks of the page we are doing using Generate Press and Elementor. We have turned this page through GTMetrix and it gives us a bad score because there are many requests.

    We chose to use this template with Elementor because it had very good performance scores and we would like to know what we can do to improve this data. We may be missing some configuration step to avoid these requests.

    Thank you very much in advance! Happy day!

    Customer Support

    Hi there,

    Wow, that is a lot of requests being made and a huge file size.
    Please note that this is related to other plugins and the content you have added to the site. If you test GeneratePress.com for example you will see it makes only 39 requests and is 273kb in size – versus your site of 314 requests and 31mb.

    Looking first at GTMetrix – YSlow: Make fewer HTTP requests
    This can be resolved by combining Styles and JS.
    We provide some tips here for that:

    Now look at the Waterfall, and sort the table by largest size and you can see the majority of request and file size are being generated by the Videos in the site.
    As they are added in Elementor you would need to speak with their support on how to improve their performance.

    Julio Merodio

    Hi David! Thanks for your answer!

    I understand what you says but for example in the Home we only have one video and he continues to make many requests. Shouldn’t he make only a few? We have used Elementor because its theme is recommended precisely because of the good performance. We have written to them too but I do not fully understand that the whole problem is the videos.

    I don’t understand why we create so many different css and js files when we are using elementor as is.

    Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

    Customer Support

    Its related to the Background video you have in the first section, the scripts its running is making multiple requests.
    But its not Theme related, you will need to speak with Elementor as it is there code.

    Julio Merodio

    Thank you very much for your help and interest.

    It is possible that many of the requests of the home are due the video, but we have analyzed the page “Quienes somos” https://nueva.filmsymphony.es/quienes-somos/ and although it does not have video it continues to give a bad performance. It takes 12.8s to load and partly for requests that come from Block-library (915ms) or generatepress css (1.25s).

    Much of this poor performance is due to Woocommerce integration but it is supposed to work correctly with your template. This store has 9 products. What happens to a store that has 200?

    Thank you very much again!

    Customer Support

    Lets do a comparison. Here is the Woocommerce Site called Niche which is available from the GeneratePress Site Library:


    It is built with GeneratePress and Woocommerce and little else. It is has NOT been optimized as it has to remain ‘uncompressed’ for users to import.

    This is its GT Metrix report:

    Requests: 67
    37 of these requests are CSS and JS files the site requires.
    If i were to apply the optimization tips we provide here it would reduce to around 31 requests.

    Page Size: 412kb
    The majority of which are the 10 product images.
    Load Time: Around 2 seconds
    optimized on a reasonable server would be around 1.5 seconds

    So this is all GP will require to load a Shop Page displaying 10 products.

    Now In comparison to this page:

    Here is its GT Metrix:

    Requests: 85
    much better then the home page. 52 of these requests are style sheets and javascript – that is 15 more then Niche required. Most of these extra files are created by Elementor.

    Page Size: 5.95mb
    around 5.3mb is related to the images. But the page is over 10x the size of the Niche Site.

    Load time: 11 seconds.

    So the main issues:

    Number of Request
    Your server Response Version is HTTP/1.1 – this limits the number of request your server can handle at one time.
    If you look at the GT Metrix Waterfall report you will see the Brown Bars which indicate Blocking. This means those files are waiting to be loaded and during this time the page is blocked from rendering. Which is bad.

    1 – ask your host if you they can apply Response Version HTTP/2.0 as this removes the limit on the number of requests.
    2 – Follow the optimization tips to combine files.

    File Size
    Aside of the server limiting the number of request it can handle you have large files being loaded, your Home Page is mainly video, this page is Images.

    Reduce the size of your images using a compression plugin or by compressing them before uploading.

    You want your page size as small as possible – below 1meg if you can. But ideally no more then 1.5meg.

    A note on Woocommerce:
    Woocommerce adds a different type of performance issue in that it makes a lot of heavy database queries. You should speak to your host to make sure your Server is configured for Woocommerce.

    Julio Merodio

    Hi again!

    We made everything, also install Autoptimize and configure it. The server will be changed this night, but now, i can’t understand why the images are so slow during the loading of the page, because, it’s ok that the server is blocking, but after that, it takes at least 1 second for each picture, it’s a lot.

    The photos are optimized with Photoshop, we put them in the properly size according where they are going to be.

    Please, we need a solution for it, because it’s unbelievable that each photo takes more than a second to charge. Also there are some photo with 5Kb size, and still taking a lot of time to load.

    Many thanks in advance for your help

    Customer Support

    I run the GT Metrix test on a Canadian server and it took less then 3.5secs to load. Which is pretty good considering the page is over 5Mb. I can only suggest you further compress the images or reduce the number you’re loading.

    But all of these issues are unrelated to the Theme.

    Julio Merodio

    Thank you very much for your help and dedication Aljon.

    We have changed the server to load for HTTPS2 and the performance seems to be better. Could you take a look and tell us if there is anything else we could improve? In the current situation.

    Thank you!

    Customer Support

    Glad to hear that.

    1. In Customizer > General > Icon Type – change this to SVG. It will remove 1x request.
    2. Images ๐Ÿ™‚ They could be better optimized. On this page:


    i would look at the images used in the Slider. Because they are loaded as background images they do not get flagged up for larger savings in GT Metrix. But just compare the original image and the size of it in the slider to see how much it could be reduced by.

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