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[Support request] use the 'hamburger-menu-icon' to dropdown Primary Nav

Home Forums Support [Support request] use the 'hamburger-menu-icon' to dropdown Primary Nav

Home Forums Support use the 'hamburger-menu-icon' to dropdown Primary Nav

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    Hi, I’d like to use the ‘hamburger-menu-icon’ to dropdown my Primary Nav,
    aligned to right side of header & on same horizontal line as the tile .
    Just to keep a very clean header.

    THX TOM!!!

    Customer Support

    Hi there,

    Try activating slideout navigation for both mobile and desktop:

    Then just don’t add anything to the primary menu.

    Then you can still use the navigation location etc to place wherever you want.

    Let me know if this helps.


    I will try that…
    BUT I want it to dropdown from the icon (or at least near it)
    rather then slide in from left…

    Edit – just tried it and has the LOOK I want..
    but as feared it slides the menu in from the left
    where I want it to dropdown or even slide in from right just under the hamburger.

    Sooo close… THX FOR ANY HELP!


    Also just noticed that ALL pages are in the menu that slides in…
    including ones I don’t want to be seen (tests and under development ones).


    BTW… there’s an character that makes the hamburger menu icon… & # 9 7 7 6; ☰ .
    I almost got things working by making a menu that used it as the top parent menu item..
    but things were not all working quite right.
    There must be a better way ?


    here’s an image of what I’m trying to do…

    Customer Support

    Ahh sorry I thought you wanted slideout menu on desktop.

    In that case, you should only need to use the CSS here and set it to like 3000px.


    THX for help Leo!!!
    That’s really close… BUT that css makes it so the ‘mobile menu & mobile header’ are activated for desktop
    (my mobile header titles are centered & styled slightly different).
    What I wanted is the normal header (with it’s titles on the left)
    and the hamburger-menu on right (like so many new clean sites do).
    (And again, when clicked either drops down a menu or slides it in from the right just under it,
    just as my images above show and this example shows
    Hmm, maybe if I fiddle with that mobile css I can get the look I want for both desktop & mobile
    or is there a simpler way?


    Customer Support

    Any chance you can link me to the site? Thanks!


    Sites under development… can I pm you?

    Customer Support

    Sure. Account Issue here:

    Please reference the topic. Thanks!

    Customer Support

    Ahh you are using mobile header.

    Try this snippet instead and change the px to something like 2500 again:

    Let me know.

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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