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    I’ve been trying to improve my page loading speed by using Cloudflare and LiteSpeed cache.

    However, there are still some issues that keep popping up when I do speed checks.

    One of them is the complaint that the html document is large.
    The other is that some JS is not minified, but not sure why.
    The last thing is too many requests on the page.

    I have the essential CSS option enabled in GeneratePress’s customize and I’ve set LiteSpeed to handle JS/CSS caching and minification.

    Is there anything I can do within GeneratePress to reduce the html document size of a blog post or make it place nicer with caching plugins?

    Any help would greatly be appreciated, thank you so much.
    Screenshot of my issue

    Customer Support

    Hi there,

    can you link us to the post/page that is reporting the large HTML size? And we’ll take a look to see whats driving that

    Not much more you can do with GP’s settings as its not in control of what the post content generates. Looks like you have WP Rocket Cache as well, which may be the issue why not all your JS is minimised. Maybe better to leave it all to Litespeed ?


    Hello David, thanks for the reply!

    I used RankMath’s analyzer on a single blog post.
    Analyzer here: https://rankmath.com/tools/seo-analyzer/

    URL I used

    However, I have seen something similar from Google’s Page speed insights about too many requests as well, so I don’t think it’s just RankMath.

    >Looks like you have WP Rocket Cache as well
    I don’t have the plugin installed, but is there something maybe left over from WP Rocket? I am currently using Litespeed Cache for most things including JS/CS minification and Cloudflare for a small bit of the rest.

    Not sure if this is helpful or not, but here is the list of active plugins I use.
    List of active plugins

    Again, I really appreciate any help or advice.

    Customer Support

    Looks like you have WP Rocket Cache

    My bad its the Cloudflare Rocket Loader i noticed. So ignore that 🙂

    I have little experience of Litespeed but one thing it is doing is inlining your CSS.

    Inspect the page with browser dev tools, and in the <head> you will see: <style id="litespeed-optm-css-rules"> … thats a lot of inline CSS there and is probably the major contributor to the HTML doc size.


    David, thanks! I’ve been tweaking some settings, hopefully I did a few things.

    Sorry to bug you about one more thing, but in GeneratePress’s general settings, should I have the combine css and cache dynamic CSS checkboxes on? Will they work okay with caching plugins? Or is it better to keep them off?

    GeneratePress general settings

    Thank you so much!

    Customer Support

    As the cache plugin will be doing the same thing – i would leave them unchecked.


    David, can’t thank you enough for all your help!

    Customer Support
Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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