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    Hi there!

    I am a photographer who’s trying to create a site similar to this: and today I made a Smart Slider that I’d like to use as the primary navigation for my site (slides with buttons that would redirect to particular photo galleries) and I am not sure how to go about getting it to format properly or if this is even feasible with my current tools.

    Since my website was barely developed to begin with, I decided to clear everything off to start from scratch and now I think I may have an issue with my header being too large (upon inspection it’s 942 x 628 px) and I just went through the steps to merge it and I don’t think I did it correctly. Before I cleared my site, the slider was only showing up on a random page and wasn’t filling up the entire screen as I had specified and it also had a white box that wouldn’t go away behind it, I believe belonging to the home page post section and now it won’t show up at all, even after I try adding it as a header widget. I have been working on this for hours and need some guidance! Thank you so much in advance!

    Customer Support

    Hi there.

    instead of adding the Slider to the Header Widget. Add the sliders shortcode to a Hook Element:


    1. Go to Appearance > GeneratePress and enable Elements.
    2. Appearance > Elements –> New > Hook.
    3. Add your shortcode to the text field.
    4. Select the before_header hook
    5. Check execute Shortcodes
    6. Go to Display Rules tab and set its locations eg. Entire Site.


    Hi David, thank you so much! Only issue I’m having is the “Nothing Found” part on the bottom of the page now. Would also prefer the slider was taking up the whole page but could live with the social media and copyright info on the bottom for now (still trying to figure out how I want the home page to look, I may re-configure the slides to have an “enter” button that opens to the home page).


    Hi David, I was able to add Simple CSS to get that container to go away! I will let you know if I need additional help. Thanks so much again.


    Hi again, so I just want the slider to display on the front page of my site and when I select “front page” under Location, nothing appears at all. Apologies if I wasn’t clear enough earlier but I don’t want the slider on every page of the website. Also, how would I go about getting it to look more like this?


    So I did get it to display how I’d like with the PHP and am now re-considering how I want to configure the site. If I did want to do something like this, how would I go about that? Thanks so much again!

    Customer Support

    OK – probably be best we don’t use the Hook Method described above.
    Lets do this instead.

    1. Create a new page – this will be come your new front page.
    2. Use the Page Builder Container meta box to make the page full width:


    3. Add your Slider shortcode to the page.
    4. Go to Settings > Reading and change Your front page displays: to a static page and select your new home page.

    5. To merge the Navigation:
    5.1 Go to Appearance > Elements and create a new Header Element:


    5.2 Skip straight to the Site Header Tab and select Merge with Content.
    5.3 This will enable Navigation color options that you can now set differently for this header element eg. make backgrounds transparent.
    5.4 Set the Display Rules to Front Page


    Hi David, this worked, thank you! The footer is still showing up but I may actually leave that as it is. What steps would I take if I did want it to fill the entire page?

    Customer Support

    You can remove the footer on specific pages by using a Layout Element:


    Disable the Footer and set the Display Rules to Front Page.

    The slider is displaying full screen for me – if you edit your Header Element > site header tab you can set the Navigation Colors > Background to transparent then you will see the part of the slider behind the nav.


    Awesome! I’ll look into that tomorrow, then. I’ve put up a few gallery pages and am okay with it for now but how would I go about setting a home landing page? Would it just be a page linked to a button I’d add to the slides that I’d label as a home page?

    Customer Support

    You can simply follow the same process with a new Page and following point 5 above:

    4. Go to Settings > Reading and change Your front page displays: to a static

    Then any buttons you want to link to it – you just need to add the home URL for your site.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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