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    Using the site library theme “Clinic” I am unable to change the title of the Shop page which when using this theme is Titled “Products”.

    It appears that title can only be changed by using Loco Translate to rename it from WooCommerce. This successfully works but it also renames the WooCommerce settings tab called “Products”. While not a big deal for my purposes this seems to be a bug in the site library theme as it obviously draws the title for the Shop page from WooCommerce itself.

    If I’m missing something please let me know. It would be best if the title could be changed outside of translations in the theme just like the other themes.



    A followup:

    Still no resolution but the method I’m currently using requires that at least one product is listed in the shop. If the product is set to “hidden” in Woocommerce the title again disappears even when using the Loco Translate workaround.

    This doesn’t happen with Storefront or any other themes I’ve tried.

    Unless I’m missing something this appears to be. GP bug. Any help resolving this would be much appreciated.

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    Hi Scott,

    Sorry, I believe this topic slipped through our system,

    The Site Title from the Shop page is generated through an Element called “Static page hero”.

    You need to exclude Product Archive in the Display Rule settings of this Element, and create a new Page Hero for it if you want something different.


    I’ve created a new page hero but it still only outputs the title “Products” instead of the actual title of the shop pagecwhich is “Classes” in my case.

    Customer Support

    The default Page Title of the Shop page, no matter what you set, becomes “Products”. It’s WooCommerce behavior.

    What you can do is set a static Headline instead to override this.


    Eh … Here’s the right way to fix it I think. At least it works well for me now.

    Here’s my Static page hero element

    Static page hero

    Here’s my Shop page hero element

    Shop page hero

    The hardest part was figuring out what to do obviously and then disabling the Dynamic Text Type thingy and just typing in the new title.

    Disable the Dynamic Text Type thingy and add your desired shop page title

    So to recap … it’s not a GP bug, it’s just knowing/figuring out how to do this with the hero page element because Woo does funky stuff with the Shop page since it’s an archive template.

    All good now!


    Sorry about the scribbles in the last image. I’m not used to the Apple Pencil yet 😊

    Customer Support

    Great! Glad you got it working now! Thank you for sharing! 🙂

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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