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    This is really odd. I’m trying to share the homepage of my website, and when I share to Twitter, LinkedIn or Pinterest, the title reflects a post from August, which is when I relaunched the site with GP. If I try to share the homepage on Pinterest, not just is the title wrong, but the featured image is from that same August post as well!

    I deactivated all plugins (except WP Social, the social sharing plugin) and nothing changed. However, if I changed theme to Twenty Twenty Two, the problem went away. So it seems the issue is coming from GP and not a plugin. Especially since I started using WP Social about a month after I launched the new site design from GP.

    Customer Support

    Hi Cori,

    It seems you may also have CDN or server side cache. Can you reach out to your hosting provider and ask them to clear it?: https://share.getcloudapp.com/DOurkOEW

    If that doesn’t work, can you also reach out to the support of your Social Share plugin for insights with regards to this issue?


    I cleared the server cache both at my host (SiteGround) and also purged over at CloudFlare. No change.

    This is the second social sharing app we have used and both experience the same problem. Only way it shows the proper title and image is to switch to a different theme, which is what I mentioned previously. Thus, this is most definitely an issue with your theme.

    Customer Support

    Hi there,

    this is an odd one, as the Theme has no control over the social sharing meta that is added to your site.
    For example if i check the Twitter card meta on your home page:


    The title ( notice the mispelling of THe ) and :image both reflect what i see in the Twitter share.
    So what we need to ascertain is how that meta is being added to your site, especially considering that misspelling of the Title.

    Do you have any twitter card settings in your SEO Plugin ? If we can see where that same incorrect title string then we may be able to pin down whats causing it.

    As a note: swapping themes is enough to bust server caches, or force plugin codes to re-fire which may explain why when you swap the theme you see the change.


    So we’re using RankMath for SEO. They have a Twitter card setting but just a pulldown select menu with two different Twitter card types.

    But again, turning off RankMath doesn’t change anything. Only switching themes does.

    Customer Support

    But again, turning off RankMath doesn’t change anything.

    Can you make sure cache is cleared after turning off RankMath?

    Let me know!


    Already did that.

    Customer Support

    Ok, so i logged in and it looks like RankMath is the issue:

    1. Rankmath - > Titles & Meta -> Global Meta ---> OpenGraph Thumbnail
    is set to the sharing image i see loading on the site

    2. Rankmath - > Titles & Meta -> Homepage ---> Homepage title for Facebook
    is set to the Title ( with the mispelling ).
    I also see there is a dedicated place for the Homepage thumbnail on this settings page.

    Can you try updating those fields ?


    Yes, and I spotted the spelling error, thanks to you. However, beyond that nothing changed at all.

    Again, the only time I see anything change is by switching the theme.

    Customer Support

    I see.

    I tried logging in but the login credentials aren’t working anymore. Can you check?


    Oh, that’s interesting. I’ll reset the password and you can try again.


    The new password is pasted in the private area and I tested it and it worked.

    Customer Support

    It says that the username provided doesn’t exist. Can you check?

    Moreover, it seems that the Social Share icons aren’t working anymore from my end. Can you check this as well?


    Are you sure of that? I tested with that username and it worked.

    Customer Support

    Yes, I just copy and pasted the username share here: https://generatepress.com/forums/topic/title-from-post-and-featured-image-appear-when-sharing-homepage/#post-2369422

    See: https://share.getcloudapp.com/7Kuk7wJQ

    I tried logging in through email though and it worked.

    The Social Share functionality isn’t working though. Have you checked it?

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