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    When I go to Apprearence I can not find the “Theme Editor” option. It just disappeared from the Appearance section. How can I get this???

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    Hi there,

    That part is handled by WordPress and GP doesn’t interfere with it.

    Can you make sure you are the admin? Only admin would have Theme Editor option.

    If not have you tried disabling all plugins to eliminate any conflicts?


    I am the admin and owned by me.

    Recently I have installed the plugin “iThemes Security” and after some time when I look at the Appearance section the Theme editor option has vanished.

    Is it the cause for not getting the Theme Editor option.

    Customer Support

    It could definitely be.

    Have you tried disabling the plugin to test?


    Have you tried to see if you face this issue with other templates as well.

    I had the same issue, and realized that the recommended security settings by my host management system was probably what was causing this issue.

    I am using Plesk for one of my sites, and their recommended “Disable file editing in WordPress Dashboard” was probably the reason in my case.

    Plesk Recommended Security Settings

    In your case, the security plugin is what is causing the issue, which you can resolve by un-checking the Disable File Editor from Security -> Settings -> WordPress Tweaks -> Disable File Editor. https://themeskills.com/disable-wordpress-plugin-theme-editor/


    Hii, Please help me same problem problem. Theme editor option disappeared from appearance section. I tried different method like disabling generatepress premium, plugins and all. Here is the site Referral offer

    Customer Support

    This wouldn’t be a theme issue – it’s usually a permission issue.

    Can you make sure you have the admin access?

    If so then please check with your hosting support to see if they can help to identify the issue.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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