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    David Bennett

    This may be GeneratePress vis-a-vis something else –

    I am using the Hand-Picked Products block (part of WooCommerce) on the home page.

    Until the latest WordPress and WooCommerce updates the font size on ‘add to cart’, ‘product title’, and ‘price’ on Hand-Picked Products were at regular size, same as I had for the individual product category pages.

    Now suddenly, the font is tiny and I cannot find out what is governing it other than I see that in CSS whereas previously before the latest update the text size was 0.8em it is now 0.58em,

    I could change that – but I would like to know what is interfering with what? Or maybe there is a customiser thingy I am missing.

    .theme-twentytwenty .wc-block-grid.has-5-columns .wc-block-grid__product, .theme-twentytwenty .wc-block-grid.has-6-columns.alignfull .wc-block-grid__product, .wc-block-grid.has-5-columns .wc-block-grid__product, .wc-block-grid.has-6-columns.alignfull .wc-block-grid__product {
        font-size: .58em;

    URL is https://www.flyingtwigs.com

    Thanks for looking.

    Customer Support

    Hi there,

    GP has no control over the content coming from WooCommerce blocks unfortunately.

    It just looks like the font size is coming from the plugin itself:

    I would recommend reporting this to WooCommerce blocks support team as this is something they need to fix on their end.

    You can try overwriting it temporarily using the same CSS seletor.

    David Bennett

    Thanks, Leo. I will close this question.

    Customer Support
    David Bennett


    At the same time as I originally posted my question here I raised this with WP Support and the person who replied said it must come from GeneratePress. I sent him/her your reply with the screencast shots and meanwhile, coincidentally I got this in my mail this morning that addresses this issue


    So there should be some development in the future.

    Customer Support

    Thanks for reporting back!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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