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    Like other users I struggled quite a lot with getting a consistent page header with content throughout the whole website.
    To be frank … the whole thing with the hooks turned me off because I am not familiar with it. I am not a programmer and such an approach forces me to dig deeper into coding. Instead the thought “Damn, I just want to get the website done!” prevails.

    Finally I found a plugin that did what I wanted to achieve
    It allows to add content to wp_head, but also below or above the content.
    Example is at
    There are some parts I am not happy with. For example there is no possibility to turn it off individually on a page or post.

    The suggestion is to add something similar to GP.
    For example creating a Page Header page together with a list where it should be applied (page, post, categories, tags, other taxonomies, etc ). And then GP does the hooks and not the user, who may or may not be familiar with that approach.
    The “Merge with Header” toggle in the Customizer section is only partly providing the functions of that plugin . And when I wanted to add the same content for the Blog Header section, the content didn’t show up.

    Having switched from Avada and other crappy Themeforest themes, I definitely appreciate the quality of GP. Nevertheless there is with the whole page header part the impression, that it is confusing and doesn’t provide the simplicity and clarity like it can be experienced with the rest of this great theme.

    just my 5 cents


    GeneratePress 1.3.48
    GP Premium 1.3.1
    Customer Support

    Hi Peter,

    Great suggestions and good timing πŸ™‚

    Check this out:

    You can try it now by becoming a beta tester:


    πŸ™‚ Yup. Watched the video. That’s EXACTLY what I meant. πŸ™‚
    And with your solution comes the flexibility that I am missing with the plugin.
    I will test it soon and let you know if I experiences hindrances.

    As Tom mentioned already in the video. A WYSIWG editor would be great, too.


    HI Leo,

    how can I get Version 1.4 ?
    I added the beta-test function in my child theme’s function.php and tried to update in the dashboard appearance>generatepress. But nothing happens.

    Lead Developer
    Lead Developer

    After adding the beta code, you may need to wait up to 3 hours for the cache to clear. Then the update will be available in the “Plugins” area.


    Installed v1.4 – it works perfectly!
    Very easy and simple. It needed 5 minutes to apply the header throughout the whole website .

    Some other first thoughts:
    1. Not being a GP expert-user (yet) and just trying to get things done, a confusing thing is the “Merge with Page Header” stuff. Somehow it forces to evaluate , what will be the consequences, will this merger happen on all pages and posts, etc.
    It’s like a split that is not easy to grasp.On one side there are settings for the page header, on the other side there are the separate page headers.
    More convenient would be if the whole page header stuff would be somehow as one package in the customizer and one can simply see, how the whole header part will look like.

    2. When I create a new page header, it doesn’t appear in the customizer.


    Ok, now I saw, that there are issues with single-post.

    1. The featured image doesn’t show up.
    2. When I don’t set in the customizer “Show header above content”, the page header will be shown two times – one in the content and one above the content.

    examples :

    In the blog page the featured image shows up.

    Another thing – the admin top bar doesn’t show up when viewing the single post.


    Found out, when the admin top-bar disappears.

    I deleted page headers, that were assigned to single post.
    Then the new page header for single post were assigned globally … and in the frontend the posts showed up perfectly, but without the admin top-bar.
    In the backend of the single post the page header field didn’t pull the new global setting and was empty. Thai’s when the admin top-bar didn’t appear on the frontend. After selecting the new header manually, also the admin top-bar was back again.

    One more suggestion for convenience : It would be really good, if the page headers can be assigned in QuickEdit. Going through each category, tag, posts and pages manually and changing the page header is an annoying routine job, that could be done easier with QuickEdit or bulk editing .

    Lead Developer
    Lead Developer

    Thanks for your feedback!

    1. The Customizer is great for global settings, but that’s about it. Setting the page header, especially a merged page header in the Customizer would likely create a lot of bugs across your site in places like the archives, categories, 404 pages etc.. That’s why the Page Header add-on is so cool, you can set up your page header, then apply it to specific areas and see how it looks. Yes, it requires some back and forth in the settings, but it’s worth it to stay away from those bugs I mentioned.

    2. In the options? They won’t appear in the Customizer like that.

    3. The featured image is replaced by the Page Header. Instead, you can set the featured image as the page header background, or even use the featured image inside the page header content using custom fields (there will be tutorials on this once it’s released).

    4. I’m not seeing two page headers here?:

    5. Not sure what you mean about the admin bar. Can you link me to the one of the pages where it’s not displaying? Would be great if you could send some temporary login details as well:

    Good idea about the Quick Edit approach – I’ll take a look at that πŸ™‚


    >5. Admin access is sent.

    >3. Right now it means, that one needs to do for every post the page header separately, if the featured image is wanted. Not so convenient. Then it is actually easier to add in single-post the picture on top of the content and also declare it as featured image like I did it now in

    Good would be for the page header part to have a selection with “featured image” > as background /above content / below content / no featured image”
    One can probably achieve that later with template tags or custom field for featured image .. I don’t know.

    The overall question is how I perceive the featured image – I see it as part of the content and NOT only as part of the header.
    For posts I actually wanted to achieve the header above the post with the featured image and content below. Somehow the same way like it was done in V1.3.

    >4. Probably happened, because there was still on that single-post from V1.3 the field with “page header content” with the same content. Cannot replicate it right now.

    >5. Please login. I assigned globally a new post header. The latest post shows the admin bar, the previous ones not anymore. The admin-bar will show up on each post again, if I declare the page-header on each post individually.

    I leave these demo posts as they are until you have seen it and I can clear it.


    I just started a new website and will use GP-premium 1.3.1.
    Did quickly a demo post – copy&paste text and assigned a featured image. 1 minute and the post was done!
    No switching back and forth between page header part and post writing.

    It would be pity if this utmost simple way of creating a post with a featured image will be sacrificed in V1.4.

    Lead Developer
    Lead Developer

    Not sure I understand? In that case, why not just upload a featured image? No point in using the Page Header meta box if you only want an image.

    Or are you wanting to assign a global template to all posts, and then still have individual posts that only display a featured image?

    There should be no sacrificing of any options in 1.4, everything works the same, it’s just the meta box for the Page Header has been moved to a separate custom post type.

    Lead Developer
    Lead Developer

    5. Are we sure this has something to do with Page Header? You have a lot of plugins activated, including a caching plugin. Can you replicate this issue on a fresh install with only GP and GP Premium?

    3. This is the way the Page Header add-on has worked since it was first released 3 years ago, so it’s not something new in 1.4. It’s very rare that someone wants to use a static featured image and a page header/hero area. In fact, I’m not sure it’s come up once in the 3 years GP has been around. That being said, there are solutions to this issue if you need it for your specific project, it just takes a little code.


    Maybe I don’t express the issues correctly (I am not a native English speaker).

    Right now I can’t simply write a post with a featured image like in V1.3.1. As you mentioned above, the featured image is replaced by the page header. So I need to do for every post a separate page header, right ? This is too complicated

    > 3. I didn’t mean a static featured image. I just wanted to achieve the following order “page header (static) – below featured image (dynamic)and title (dynamic).
    Ass you can see… I struggle a lot with achieving that.

    >5. I tried already with deactivating all plugins – the issue persisted.

    With the website I’ll turn back to V1.3.1 and use the “Add to all” plugin again. This is adding throughout the whole website the same static header (Unfortunately in wp_head). Then you’ll see what I meant.

    But I’ll set up a playground website, where I can play around with GP 1.4. and show you then, where I struggle as a non-expert. πŸ™‚

    Till then


    Ok.There is now a playground website at It’s a clean installation with only a few plugins.
    My answers are summarized in

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 31 total)
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