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    I use the Premium version of GeneratePress with Elementor. The reason I went with GeneratePress was because it was the main recommended theme to use with Elementor.

    However I’m now beginning to have some issues and when I raise these with Elementor support they are beginning to blame GeneratePress for the issue. I wanted someone at GeneratePress to look at my most recent issue and comment because I want to hear the other side before I decide if I need to switch theme.

    The issue in question was that an Elementor blog archive template had a display problem. Elementor are saying the issue happens because GeneratePress adds some CSS that is causing a conflict and have suggested I let you know. In the meantime they have added the following CSS to fix the issue for the moment:

    .elementor-posts–thumbnail-top .elementor-post{ width: auto; }

    I’m happy for someone to look at my website if they want to investigate further and I’m happy to forward the support email from Elementor if that helps too.


    Customer Support

    Hi Gary,

    Isn’t this the same issue here?

    Tom provided an explanation here as well:

    We think it’s their problem. Feel free to forward this to them 🙂

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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