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    In all of my blog posts in the url https://doencasraras2030.com.br I see strange characters where the text of the post starts, like this shown is this post https://doencasraras2030.com.br/guerra-ja-provoca-abandono-de-pessoas-com-deficiencia-intelectual/ . The strange characters are the same in all posts.

    Could you help me to solve it?

    best regards


    That is a terminating tag for PHP, indicating some broken code.
    Also you have disabled right click to view source code, which is not a great idea IMHO – makes it hard to check things.
    HTH, Dave


    Hi Dave,

    I release the source code there. Please check the problem and if possible solve it or give me clear orientations as I m not a programmer. That s why we ask for support, obviously :). Cheers.


    I still can’t right click to view source code.
    It is also possible that may not help!
    Someone may need to view things in the WP admin!
    Also there is an error in the console:
    The $ doesn’t have the function required for displaying the AudioPlayer.
    This is probably because the $ has been reinitialized after the “mediaplayerelement” has already been added.
    Not sure if that is to do with it.
    Maybe one of the GP support staff will have other thoughts.
    I only answered as the issue was obvious from what I see!


    The code source now is open, as I said before. I will try to solve the problem with the AudioPlayer. And I appreciate if someone from the GP support bring some another ideas to solve the issue. Thanks


    I have since used the develper console to take a peek, and I can see some PHP code related to the Yoast Breadcrumbs feature in that area.
    Maybe turn that off temporarily to see if that clears the visual issue.


    Thanks, Dave, I will do that and let you know .

    Customer Support

    Hi Claudio,

    I tried viewing your site, and I can no longer see the issue mentioned. Dave is correct though. The issue you described is likely from a broken code or plugin.

    Let us know if you’ll need further assistance with regards to this.


    Yep, the PHP tag is not displayed now!
    Was it the Yoast breadcrumb ?


    Hi Dave,

    I turn off all my plugins and reactivate one by one and finally found the problem.

    They are concentrated in 2 plugins: Ithemes Security and IThemes Security Pro

    Maybe this information could be useful to the Generatepress team too and other clients.

    Thanks for your support.


    Customer Support

    I see. Thank you for sharing Claudio! It would be best to reach out to iThemes Security support with regards to this issue and why it’s occurring.

    Thank you for helping out as well Dave!


    I will do that, Fernando. Thank you and as well Dave.

    kind regards



    Pleasure 🙂

    Customer Support

    You’re welcome Claudio!

Viewing 14 posts - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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