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    Hallo i need to create a sticky button that will be like a anchor navigation inside pages ! https://www.vichy.gr/%ce%9a%ce%b1%cf%84%ce%b7%ce%b3%ce%bf%cf%81%ce%af%ce%b5%cf%82/proionta-peripoihshs-proswpou/ps1453.aspx

    There is any ideas on how to insert something like that when it start a specific container ? i have send you a link where the products are starting and i dont know what elements hook i can use

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    Hi there,

    does the button require the navigation that your example site shows?
    If so its going to take custom development.


    Hey There ! Actually i have created the Button 🙂 , i am curious if there is a hook available in GPP to insert it on this area i mean !

    Have a nice day my friend

    Customer Support

    There isn’t a Hook there specifically.
    You use the before_content hook to place it inside the article container.
    Markup and CSS for example:

    <div class="floating-container">
        <a href="#" class="button custom-button">Button</a>
    /* Stick the container */
    .floating-container {
        position: sticky;
        position: -webkit-sticky;
        top: 50%;
    /* Absolutely postiion button to right side of container */
    .custom-button {
        position: absolute;
        right: -80px;

    Hi David thank you for ! this hook works fine ! So i will let bellow if someone needs to make something similar .

    So i have created with a hook the container in html like you said and i have add inside my custom button , that is a simple menu navigation with anchor links inside the page .

    I have set the navigation ” Display:None ” and with some JS i show them on click !

    Seems GP has no stop to do anything ! <3

    Customer Support

    Awesome – glad to hear that.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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