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    David Bennett

    When I open a new browswer, the three text blocks in a container appear one below the other – stacked as though for mobile – and then ‘reconstruct’ their arrangement and appear properly side by side.

    I recently moved the container with the three blocks from lower down the page to its current position at the top of the page. So it occurs to me that maybe previously the blocks ‘had time’ to be told which way to arrange themselves. Now they are the first thing on the page and maybe that is why I am seeing it.

    That is just a possibility – I cannot see anything wrong in the setup that would cause it though.

    The site is FLYING TWIGS

    I cleared the cache and in the back end I cleared LitSpeed.

    Any idea what I am doing wrong?


    container grid text blocks layout

    David Bennett

    I don’t know why the image of the layout didn’t come out. Trying again

    container and grid layout

    David Bennett

    Oh well – the image is here https://cloudup.com/cKmOU1I-kIf

    Customer Support

    Hi David,

    When I check, I don’t see the changes in the layout.

    I noticed that you are using WP’s core heading block and image block, just so you know GenerateBlocks also offers headline block and image block which is better in terms of performance and style control. I would strongly recommend you to have a try 🙂

    David Bennett

    Hi Ying,
    Thank you for the advice about using the Generate Blocks Headline and Image blocks. I’ve done that, but I am still getting the same behaviour with the three sets of blocks appearing one below the other momentarily on first load, and then appearing side by side. It’s as though it thinks it should stack because it thinks it is on mobile, and then readjusts itself.

    I watched your screencast but I have tested in Safari and Firefox and I am still getting this strange behaviour.

    Customer Support

    Hi David,

    Can you try temporarily disabling you caching/optimization plugins to see if there’s a difference?

    David Bennett

    Hi Fernando. I have Litespeed and Cloudflare. I purged both, and turned off Litespeed caching temporarily and it is still doing it.

    Customer Support

    It’s no longer occurring from my end. Also cleared my browser’s cache to be sure.

    Can you try clearing your browser’s cache and test again?

    David Bennett

    Hi Fernando,

    I was still getting the same behaviour, so I moved that block down the page. Later, I moved it back to the top and the issue stopped. No idea why, and I am going to close the ticket.

    Customer Support

    I see. Glad it’s working now though!

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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