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[Resolved] Some php code in functions.php is already deleted. But still it shows on site.

Home Forums Support Some php code in functions.php is already deleted. But still it shows on site.

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    Hello Tom.

    I already deleted some php code in functions.php but still shows up at the website.
    I did this:
    – I deleted the cache of Google chrome.
    – Purge the cache of wordpress with a wp plugin (wp super cache)

    Then I realize the problem shows also in another computer that I never work before.

    What do you think the problem is?


    GeneratePress 2.0


    I already delete the entire page. (I checked even in DataBase).. And the page still shows up.
    this is the page:
    With this I think the problem is not related with functions.php.

    Customer Support

    Hi there,

    Not sure what you mean?

    The page you linked has already been deleted but it’s showing? or certain element in it?


    The entire page (que-es-yoonla) is already deleted. (As I said, I checked even in database mysql, and it doesn’t exist):

    I know sounds strange but it happens and I need your help. I already cleaned the cache of the browser and the cache of the wordpress with a plugin.

    the problem appears only when it is logout, check please with this user and password to login/logout.

    Note: another problem, Need to refresh to update when it is login/logout.

    Lead Developer
    Lead Developer

    Sounds like the caching isn’t fully clearing. It only happening when logged out gives that away.

    Perhaps try deactivating the caching plugin completely?


    New update:

    check this please:

    IF you see some content… well let me tell you, there’s nothing inside public_html directory. I renamed the public_html folder to save the entire web and I created new public_html with nothing inside.

    So why I still see this webpage?

    PD: Yes, I clean the cache fully , then I deactivate the plugins

    Lead Developer
    Lead Developer

    Perhaps there’s some sort of server caching going on? Might be worth asking your hosting support team to take a look.


    Problem Solved ! .. finally !

    I contacted Hostgator support (after 2 times). They cleared the cache (server side). When I asked if can I clear the server cache by myself, that was the answer:

    “Well this was something server ended where you wouldn’t of been able to clear it. It was varnished so i had to turn off the varnish server side.”

    I don’t know what is varnish means , but …. PROBLEM SOLVED 🙂
    I share it if somebody has the same problem.

    Thank you so much Tom and Leo.
    Best regards.

    Lead Developer
    Lead Developer
Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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