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    eduard sans

    Hi there, I wasn’t sure if this is the right channel to do so (if not, please let me know) but for the last months I’ve been working with generateblocks in different sites and I’ve been noticing certain issues. Since the premium version is upcoming I thought it would be nice to share (Most of these ideas or fixes I already fix with css or other tools but I think they would add great improvement in the workflow).


    1) When using containers or grid blocks there are some divs automatically created by the wordpress core that just add more unnecessary layers in the DOM. I’d love to get rid of these.

    2) There are tiny margin issues -created for no apparent reason- when using svg as separators. I made a css class to override this issue, but for someone without css knowledge, this could be a major issue.

    3) Palette: Being able to save a custom color would save quite some time of copying and pasting colors around (moreover when you usually use 2 or 3 max). Another approach would be to pre-load some of the colors defined in the customize panel into the palette (or even better: allow the user to choose in the customize panel which customized colors to pre-load into the palette).

    4) Mobile version: I would add the Colors, Gradient, and background image options in the container block. If we want to remove a background picture or change the gradient features (due to reading issues) on the mobile version, we need to use css so far.

    5) Grid block: I would also add the colors, gradient, and background image options in this block. It is not very flexible having to use a container block on top of it just for this purpose.

    Ideas for new Blocks:

    1) Accordion: (as to use in FAQs and so on). So far I’m using HTML and css to create very simple ones but it is not very user-friendly to my customers.

    2) Slider: I’m not a fan of sliders, but I really like the approach of the “slide anything” plugin. You can create sliders for anything you want… text, html, images, etc… I use it for testimonies for example but it is a pretty DIY thing. I think it would fit your minimalistic line of work and I’d personally find it very useful and versatile as a block.

    3) Contact form: a very lightweight and simple one. This is a must for every website nowadays and it would save space from using another plugin (90% of times clients only require very few options like name, email, and message). For us Europeans, it would have to be GDPR compliant though (well, just need to add a required checkbox for agreeing to the privacy policy).

    4) Text: The current text block in Gutenberg is very lacking. No options for line-height or margin. No mobile options for alignment, size, etc.

    5) Lists: Same applies to lists. No control over margins, text-indent, line-height. No customization of bullets or markers. It would be nice to be able to add different hierarchies inside those lists, like title and text for example (also, for SEO purposes). There are no mobile options whatsoever.

    6) Blockquote: Same as lists and text. No line-height or margin. Almost no customization. No mobile options.

    7) Icon: It would be nice as a standalone block, not only as a feature in the title block. That way, we can easily create several icons in the same line (the way your “button” block works now).

    I would like to know your opinion about these thoughts. Thanks!

    Customer Support

    Hi there,

    thanks for taking the time to provide feedback and ideas, they’re always welcome.

    1. Which DIVs are you talking about ? Do you mean the parent containt / article wrappers? If so this will fall under Full Site Editing, something we are closely watching.

    2. SVG dividers are part of GB 1.2:
    GB Pro will allow you to add your own SVGs

    3. Custom Colors and other dynamic styles we are looking into both at a Theme and Block level. Its a complicated affair and the approach taken by other themes/plugins looks a little rushed and not future proof. So it will happen in time

    4. Something to look out for in the future GB Pro 🙂

    5. Do you mean the outer grid wrapper? ( as every Grid item block has the same controls as a Container ).


    1 & 2 – Interactive blocks such as accordions and sliders are on our radar. But our approach will be most likely an extension to existing blocks.

    3. Forms – something for the future maybe

    4. The Headline Block can be switched to a Paragraph element for fine control where a design change is required. We don’t recommend using it for writing entire blog posts however.

    5.& 6. Still reviewing whether GB should control core block styles as opposed to creating duplicate blocks.

    7. GB 1.2 will strip the <a> element from a buttons block if it has no link, so you can use the Button Block without a label to do that.

    eduard sans

    1. “Do you mean the parent containt / article wrappers?” Yes, there are some parent containers created out of nowhere when I publish the website and I realize they must come from the WordPress core since I haven’t created them.

    2. Sweet!

    3. I don’t know what would be the right approach (code-wise), just sharing my thoughts from the user side. But yeah, that would save quite some time for us designers.

    4. Nice!

    5. Yes, sorry. I meant the Grid wrapper.


    1 & 2 – an extension to existing blocks? but implemented inside the generateblocks plugin? or you mean as an add-on? or you just mean as an extension of your 4 core blocks?

    3. That would be nice

    4. Damn! Months working with this tool and I didn’t realize I could change the headline into a paragraph. Just tested it, nice!

    5.& 6. Well yes, duplicating blocks would be another approach if you don’t want to mess with the core code. One way or the other, I think these features should be available in a professional visual builder. Again, I’m thinking more from the side of my clients than mine of course. I already fix these things with css and HTML, but a more visual guide would be great for everyone.

    7. Now that’s also a nice way to solve the issue. Great, can’t wait for the new version.

    Thanks for your time David!

    Customer Support

    1. the extra divs are part of the post templates, theres no issue them being there, and they are actually required in most respects to make sure layouts are displayed. Future Full Site Editing options will allow you to create your own custom containers… but thats reliant on how core implements FSE

    3. Totally – we know this is a powerful workflow feature. We just want to make sure its the best it can be 🙂

    5. We looked at that as an option, however it made creating the Grids HTML and CSS far more complicated then it needed to be. Hence we kept the wrapper as just a means for laying out grids.


    1 & 2 – possibly. When you consider a slider is just a Bunch of Containers, and an Accordion could be created with a Headeline/Button + Container. So the extension would be to those blocks adding the necessary JS/CSS to make them interactive. Something were still looking at.

    5 & 6 – something for us to think about here 🙂

    Really appreciate you taking the time to give feedback

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