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[Resolved] Site not loading at all

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    Laura Brown

    One of my sites just loads a blank page. I posted on Twitter to see if anyone else has had a problem.

    First I sent a note to my web host, suspecting it was a plugin problem. I use Hosting Mattters and they are great when I need help. She wrote back in a few minutes and said it is a wp-header error. I deactivated all my plugins but for GeneratePress and Jetpack. Still not loading. I did not think of GP right away.

    But, I noticed my ASCII site is the only one which has a folder in the FTP files called header. It is out of place maybe and causing the problem. It must be an image I created inside the folder but I (so far) did not find it in my media library. (Doesn’t mean it isn’t there).

    I’m going to try deactivating the GP addons and see if that fixes things. Maybe just reinstall the plugin updates and delete that odd file. (I have 6 other sites running GP but none have that file in the WP main place).

    Laura Brown

    Never mind Tom. All should be ok now. My theme update didn’t work some how. I discovered the problem and installed a fresh theme. The site is back up. Will check into that header file but, likely it is sorted out too now the theme is active and working again.

    Lead Developer
    Lead Developer

    Is it a wp-header.php error? If so, GP doesn’t touch that function – I believe it’s called on every page load by WP core.

    Do you know the specific error you’re getting? Maybe from your error_log file?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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