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[Resolved] Site Map – Pages Missing

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    Thank you for your continued help as I create my two web sites.

    I am using two different pug ins to create a site map. The site map appears in the footer menu. Interestingly it’s the pages in the Primary Menu that are missing.

    The plug ins that I am using are:

    WP Site Mapping and WP Site Map Page. It doesn’t matter which site the same problem persists. I am obviously doing something wrong but have no idea what.

    This is what I have on one site:

    Site Map

    4 Signs of an Accidental Silo Mindset
    Contact form 1
    Privacy Policy
    Site Map
    Terms of Use

    The Missing Page is About

    The other web site shows:


    Privacy Policy
    Site Map
    Terms of Use
    Posts by category

    Category: Blog
    7 Characteristics of a High Performing Team
    8 Reasons Why Teams Fail
    Category: Teams

    What’s missing is
    Home and Contact

    Hope you can help – thanks.


    Hi Jane. Are you using one plugin on one site and the other plugin on the other site? Or the same plugin on both sites? Just out of curiosity, what happens if you switch to a default WP theme like Twenty Fifteen? Both plugins have a number of different options so might be hard to tell what’s going on without actually seeing the plugin configurations. Just had another thought: do the pages that are missing have page titles? Looking at a support topic on the WP Sitemap Page forum that is also asking about missing pages.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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