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    I’ve built several sites with GeneratePress, and find it a great theme to work with. Now, for the first time, I’m building content-forward ecommerce/affiliate site using the Woocommerce plugin (dropshipping).

    Before coming back here, I looked around at the market, and found that most of the “shop” style sites seem to push the products to the front page.

    Can you recommend something from the site library that puts the content front & center, while working well with a small product catalog (less than 50)?

    I realize this question is subjective and squishy, but I am new to Woocommerce, and value the opinions of others who’ve been down this road.


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    Hi there,

    what type of products are they ?

    Will images be more important then descriptions ? Or are they more ‘technical’?


    Hi David,

    My target market is people who want to begin/improve video blogging (whether on YouTube, their own site, or some other solution).
    Philosophy of use is to provide useful information (“Content, Inc” by Pulizzi): Instructions, suggestions, tips, product recommendations, etc… rather than just a catalog of products.

    I’ll be selling vlogging accessories. tripods/mounts, GoPro kits, Drones, gimbal mounts, lighting kits, and other related products.

    I’ll also be recommending cameras, computers, video editing software, and hosting/sitebuilding solutions, with a focus on WordPress.

    Images on product pages (where ad traffic will land) are important. I anticipate the vast majority of my readers to be non-technical. BUT images are no more important than the written and/or video instructions and helps that will drive the organic traffic which is then directed to the relevant product page.

    Thanks much!

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    My personal choice would be Niche:


    It doesn’t make any overt design suggests leaving it down to the products.
    The home page is simply created using Woocommerce Shortcodes to display Categories and a List of Products.

    But it has some technical features that may or may not be of intereset.

    Shop/Archive Pages:
    it presents an automatic Category Navigation. Which is great if you have a small set of categories.
    It also adds a custom filter toggle which on desktop will open the off canvas to display the product filters. On Mobile the off canvas displays them along with the Navigation.

    Single Product:
    Designed for products with multiple good quality images. On desktop it displays them in a scrollable stack whilst keeping the summary stuck in view. On mobile it switches back to the default carousel.
    It keeps the summary and tab area intact so adding regular product content remains as if it were a default install.


    Thanks David! I’ll give it a try.

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Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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