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    Beaver builder formatting has been lost on multiple pages. I can’t access pages using beaver builder. This happened after I deleted a layout in the elements section.

    Should I just try and restore from a backup from yesterday?

    Should I be talking to you guys about it or beaver builder?


    I’ve restored it from a backup. So all seems back to normal. But when I updated Beaver themer again it broke up. I’ve reported this to the BB team.

    Customer Support

    Glad you found a temporary solution 🙂


    Yes, this is not as obvious as I thought it was. When I updated the first time I did not check the site after updating each plugin and then I noticed all the pages as shown in this video https://screencast-o-matic.com/watch/cqjIexOSrC have had the beaver builder plugin formatting removed.

    I the performed a restore from backup and everything was fine. I then updated Beaver Themer and checked the site and these pages were broken again.

    The thing is, I’ve updated the Beaver Themer on all the other sites without an issue.

    The only thing that I have done on this site and not the others is played around with the layout elements feature and I did delete a couple of element layouts over the past couple of days in the GP Elements area.

    I also have an existing layout created in elements that removes padding from all pages. But would this remove the beaver builder layouts as well?

    After deactivating almost all of the plugins and the problem still exists I’m wondering if the GP elements I have deleted and the existing layout element is conflicting with Beaver Builder and Themer?

    I’ve reported this to Beaver Builder team but I’m sure they will say that it is not an issue elsewhere, which is my experience also. Wondering if you can take a look at it, or do we just wait for the BB guys to take a look?

    Customer Support

    I checked the Products & Services page and looks like full width page builder container option is applied.

    It’s either applied with Layout Element:

    or in the metabox:

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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